Nice Smile, Innit?

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What a nice smile!

Yes, my peeps! Straight out of St. Catherine Jamaica, here is Miss Hotness! What a nice smile she has, eeeh?

What nice legs!

Evidently she has some nice legs too! Stunner and Taylor, what oonoo sayin? 🙂

This question is for my lady readers. If you were this lady, how would you feel about the fact that I took your pictures and posted them up here without your permission? Notice, I haven’t said anything bad or anything… and I didn’t steal these pictures from you… no, maybe you posted them up on one of those social networking sites out on the web, or its a part of your online modelling portfolio or something so. And no, I didn’t doctor the picture and put you in any compromising positions or anything. And no, I don’t even know you. How would you feel?


Love Chat after the Twelvth Anniversary

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Natty, while sitting and reading about new superbug (some staph sumting or de odder) in the newspaper : “Lawd!!! Who is it that really comes up with all these names for bacteria? I remember when I used to do Biology and Human and Social Biology and I used to read all those names like “staphlococcus” and all them tings deh and it just sounds so nasty!“.

Mad Bull : “Staphlococcus, staphlococcus, staphlococcus!”.

Natty : “Lawd! Nasty!”.

Mad Bull : “Tonight, I am going to wait until you are just drifting off to sleep and then I’m going to lean over and whisper softly in your ear ‘Staphlococcus, staphlococcus, staphlococcus!'”

Natty : “Yeah, you go ahead and do that and then I’m going to just thump you right in your rass mouth!”.

Natty & Mad Bull :

A Convo Overheard, and a Question…

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I stopped at Fort Street Market to buy a newspaper since I was about 15 minutes early for work. As I was walking out after paying for the paper, I heard the following conversation occurring between members of this tourist family who was also leaving the store.

Mother : Ask your father, honey.
Daughter : Dad, is New Jersey in America?
Dad : Sort of. Well, actually, I’d have to say no, because…

At this point, they moved out of range of my hearing, but I can’t get this out of my mind!

Is it that this father was just a fool, (as I suspect) or is there some strange reason, which I cannot for the life of me understand why anyone would say that New Jersey wasn’t in the United States? I really wish I had decided to risk being late for work and followed them, you know?

Still, I know it would have been a fool’s errand. The man was just another stupid American, like one of those idiots that Jay Leno always comes across and interviews in the streets on the Tonight Show.

And no, this isn’t the post I mentioned writing over by the “Mad Bull’s Blog”. If is that you looking for, check back. Thats wil be more writing than I felt to do tonite. TTY tomorrow.

Huh? Whats up with the dog picture? Yeah, I know it has nothing to do with the post! No, I’m not going crazy! Its just that I’ve been thinking… bulls are pretty boring animals, man! At least, all the bulls I see over here in Grand Cayman are! Yeah, when I was little I did watch those bull fights in Mexico and those bulls really had it going on, but all the local bulls I see, well, all they do is hang around in fields chewing their cud and trying to decide which of their stomachs they should use to digest some grass next!

Maybe I need to reposition myself, you know? Mad Pit Bull, instead of just plain old Mad Bull…. Pit Bulls are getting all the “bad man” news now… They are “badder” than Bobby Brown! Actually, I’m not too sure if he is the person to mention in that role nowadays… In fact, I don’t know who is! If you have any ideas, tell me. But I am sure you get the idea. Anyway, Mad Pit Bull has a certain ring to it. Thats more suitable for me, right? What do you think?

Halloween Inna Cayman

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Here are a couple of girls having fun in the club on Halloween here in the Cayman Islands. I wasn’t in the club myself to see them, no sir! I was out with Natty and MBJr. at a kiddie Halloween party. That was fun (somewhat), but this looks like it would also have been interesting, nuh true? Its nice that the people at Partysurfers don’t sleep so that nice, quiet little Dads like me can see what the other young delinquent adults are up to.

Here is a picture of another woman out at another location on Halloween. She is not wearing any costume, (unless maybe she was playing Mariah Carey?) but she looks a bit of alright, doesn’t she?

Nobody But Me!

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Forever Using Technology

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We went to the revolutions. We drank deeply from their font, like it had no tomorrow! Gran Marnier, Tequila, Redstripe, Corona. And then the Chicken Korma?! I was upset when she looked at me with those evil eyes. She crawled through the grass, upon her belly, in a wave. She undulated along, slithering from side to side. Her eyes, never closing. She stuck her tongue out at me. It was thin and the end was forked. A great stone was upended by the revolutions, and it fell upon her back and she moved away on the rapids of time.

Then she fixed me with her eyes. I can’t stand when she does that. They don’t belong to her really. They are a part of her butt they really belong to something else, something old and wrinkled and ugly and evil! And she looked at me and then she leaned in close. She twined her arms around my neck and she whispered in my ear, “Do you know what the maxi pad said to the fart?”. And I said, “Huh?”. And she replied “You’re the wind beneath my wings!”. And I couldn’t help it, eyes of Horus or not, scaly skin and forked tongue or not, I had was to laugh! And with my laugh, my ba-soul left my body and followed the sun through the underworld.

I don’t want no confusion though. I hold beauty, even as beauty holds me… enthralled. I can’t move… paralyzed. Oh yeah… the stench of rotten food permeated the washing machine. It made my heart weary. I resolved not to give up though! I’d never give it up like no silly ho! No money, no love. Not a backside. And the song was slow… slow and dead. And the sky grew dark. Clouds rolled in and thunder rolled across the heavens. “Lets get ready to rumble!”, I thought and giggled again.

Inside the temple, a curtain ripped suddenly. It was electric and the smell of cordite or sulphur filled the air. But out of death, new life arose, with a click and a new page load, and in the middle of the night, I jumped up… sat up in bed, rigid! Thats it! A lightbulb went on in my head. Light splashed around the room, spilling forth from a point to my left. Bright yellow. Golden really. She wants it. And just like that, an idea was borne out.

Longing For…

Posted in Idle Shyte on October 12, 2007 by Mad Bull

Well, the morning started good! I got some good news, yeah! It sounds like everything is all set now! It is definitely going to happen! This guy in the pictures below, he is with a radio station here in the Cayman Islands, Hot 104.1 FM. He was on TV this morning, on Daybreak (the local morning program), and he was talking about it!


Destra! Allison Hinds! And others too, don’t remember who, but I think the show is going to go down at the Lions Center on November 2, 2007 and you know which Natty and which Bull ago deh deh! Its been awhile since we have gone out and wuk up we waists! Its full time! I wonder if M’Buthelezi can babysit, sah? All I know is, IanI cannot wait!

On top of that, November seems to be a month we will always remember, because I have heard mutterings that Third World and Morgan Heritage will be here as well! Then there is Pirates Week coming up, that is sure to have some nice festivities going on… November sounding good, boy!

People, I may not have mentioned it before. It has been raining here. Lots! Imagine, I took three days vacation leave and I never got even one chance to go to the beach! Can you believe it? All I have done every day is to hit one of the bars that opens early and play pool with whoever I found in there. One time, I was even teaching Ninochka (the bartender) how to play! The pool playing has been entertaining, but I sort of want to deal with some seaside fun now, Iyah!

Anyway, according to the weatherman on Daybreak, things may just be looking up! “This afternoon could have us seeing blue skies and sun again!”, he said! I plan to make use of that rass! Governor’s Harbour, here I come, boy! I don’t want to break my gym going plans though, so maybe I have to go early today. When I am finished with this post, I think I will just go wash some clothes (ugh), head down to Kings Gym, then to the beach. Or depending on the sun and so on, maybe I will go to the beach, then to the gym. We shall see…

Later on, I want to do a little clubbin wit’ mah honey. I am trying to line up some kalooki over the weekend as well. Hopefully that will all work out.

Anyway, I am going to run now. TTYL! Have a great Friday and a wikid weekend! 🙂