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Merry Christmas

Posted in I think its interesting on December 21, 2007 by Mad Bull

Listen to my favourite carol nuh? Watch the orchestration of the lights with the song…. very nice, nuh true? πŸ™‚

I wonder if I should send this video to the Crightons somehow? Maybe if I did that, they would incorporate something similar into their yearly Christmas Lights show at their home here in the Cayman Islands. Hmmm….


Nice Smile, Innit?

Posted in Got a Question for You?, I think its interesting on November 17, 2007 by Mad Bull

What a nice smile!

Yes, my peeps! Straight out of St. Catherine Jamaica, here is Miss Hotness! What a nice smile she has, eeeh?

What nice legs!

Evidently she has some nice legs too! Stunner and Taylor, what oonoo sayin? πŸ™‚

This question is for my lady readers. If you were this lady, how would you feel about the fact that I took your pictures and posted them up here without your permission? Notice, I haven’t said anything bad or anything… and I didn’t steal these pictures from you… no, maybe you posted them up on one of those social networking sites out on the web, or its a part of your online modelling portfolio or something so. And no, I didn’t doctor the picture and put you in any compromising positions or anything. And no, I don’t even know you. How would you feel?

OK, Here is a Question for You…

Posted in I think its interesting on October 3, 2007 by Mad Bull

I was just reading up on this whole Jena 6 affair (yeah, I know, I’m behind on the news) and it occurred to me that I have been hearing and reading a lot of racially oriented information of late. What do you think? Is the issue of race and race relations becoming more prevalent nowadays in the United States (and perhaps Canada as well) today than it was in the last two decades?

Batty Dawg!

Posted in I think its interesting on August 25, 2007 by Mad Bull

An American Pit Bull Terrier

You know, I have written before about how the media is making a villain of the Pit Bull. Its a strange situation. They have deemed these dogs to be dangerous and whenever one of them attacks someone, it gets a lot of media… at the same time, I wonder deeply if they are just not reporting the stories when other dogs attack people, or if it is the case that pit bulls are really attacking people so much more than other breeds? Its bloody astonishing. Are these media types singling out these dogs for attack or wah? Not that I am saying I don’t believe that these dogs are capable of any form of bad behaviour! I have hear about a local pit bull rushing someone’s shih tzu, and when the person grabbed up the shih tzu to protect it, the dog rushed him. He had to run inside his house. He then went back outside with a machete to run the dog out of his yard, but the dog wouldn’t scare at all!

They called the cops and even the cops had a hard time getting the dog out of his yard.

Of course, it is so bad now that I would definitely not get a pit bull, because if anything were indeed to happen, I would never be able to forgive myself, and I know that Natty would never forgive me either, because she would say that I had got the dog against her wishes and after I had so many warnings via the media, to boot!

Anyway, here is the strangest news story I have heard in relation to pit bulls (or any dog, for that matter) attacking humans! Check this out: I went to a dog site and was looking through their forums and came across a report of a news story : In the town of Tonawanda, a pit bull sodomised a 2 y.o. boy!

When I read of it, I could not believe it. I swore that it was a hoax, so I googled Tonawanda. There is such a place! I then googled the news story up. Apparently the dog sexually attacked the boy and caused some serious damage, requiring reconstructive surgery! Can you believe it?! What next?

No sir! No pit bull for me! Not a rass!

Chuck Fenda

Ok, lets leave the pit bulls alone for a bit now… I came across another interesting news item, this time in the Jamaica Star Newspaper. Apparently Chuck Fenda and his band went to the Bahamas to do a stage show. There were some problems with payment and Chuck Fenda elected not to perform and apparently the show’s promoter set him up and had some gunmen beat him up and gun butt him! They were going to kidnap him too, but Fenda resisted them, and the commotion brought people out to witness what was going on. At this point the gunmen left the scene!

What a thing?! Who knew they were so gangster-ish in the Bahamas?

A question this raises in my mind is, how are the artistes going to protect themselves against this sort of thing now? I mean, there are plenty of bad men in Jamaica and surely Chuck Fenda, or indeed, many of the artistes can find the necessary funds to pay them and take them on tour as bodyguards, but they wouldn’t be able to travel with their tools, a.k.a. guns, and also, some of these bad men probably wouldn’t be able to enter the countries where the shows are held.

Perhaps the artistes will now have to do some investigation into the background of the people hiring them, and the show promoters will have to start giving the artistes managers police reports verifying that they are men of good standing?! Perhaps the artistes will start demanding all the funds up front, thus ensuring that there are no money problems and attendant discord due to them not doing the shows?! Of course, the promoters won’t go for that one easily, so ….

Perhaps in the end, there will be fewer stage shows, and the artistes will demand so much coin to cover their security arrangements and to make the risk to their person worthwhile! One thing is for sure, it doesn’t auger well for the patrons of these concerts! 😐

By the way, no jokes about Chuck resembling the Pit Bull, even if they are posing very similarly for the photos, seen? πŸ˜‰

Stuff – Some Interesting, Some Not So Interesting

Posted in FaceBook, I think its interesting, Natural Beauty, Reviews, WordPress on July 19, 2007 by Mad Bull

Yesterday, MBJr. and I were in Baskin Robbins buying some ice cream. They had Rihanna’s “Umbrella” song playing. MBJr. said to me, “I hate this song! All she says in the whole thing is ‘Umbrella – Ella, Ella, Ella’. I smiled at him, nodded absently and continued to devour my single scoop of Very Berry Strawberry ice cream. I thought to myself, “Well, I still like it, kind of, but I know where the little man is coming from. And yet, I read this morning that Rihanna may make chart history! Apparently her single is poised to become the longest-running number one single for more than a decade! (link via Barbados Free Press) Wow! That is no mean feat! And when I think of it, MBJr. never used to complain about that song… I guess because its been played over and over, everywhere, and for a long time, he has just reached saturation point. Well, I hope he has to endure it awhile longer, because I hope Rihanna does make that record! In fact, I hope she goes to fifteen weeks at number one! A big up goes out to the Caribbean sistren!

In other surfing, I came across this item about Danny English, a Jamaican entertainer, being denied bail. Apparently English is before the courts on carnal abuse and indecent assault charges. It is alleged that he has been messing with this fifteen year old girl. That is bad, because English is a big, hardback man. What makes it even worse though, is that it is said he has been messing with the same girl since she was TWELVE! TWELVE, YOU KNOW! Yow, fifteen is young, very young, but twelve is so off the charts! My God! If its true, the man is a paedophile! If its true, I hope he gets a very, very harsh sentence! An example must be made of him. Damned little mofo! He hardly has any good songs anyway, IMHO! Cho!

I noticed also that Peter Ram, another Caribbean artiste, (Soca this time though) made the newspapers recently for cursing out gays. Here is what was written (link via Bajan Reporter):

Barbadian calypsonian Peter Ram was forced to apologise at a Soca Monarch competition in St. Vincent over the weekend after he used obscene language to criticize homosexuals.

Police and officials of the Carnival Development Corporation (CDC) forced the singer on stage to offer a public apology.

The CDC chairman Dennis Ambrose said they don’t condone that type of behaviour at shows whether it is local or foreign artistes.

Ambrose said that the incident involving Ram, whose tune “I Need a Woman By My Side” is enjoying substantial air play was the only damper to what was a great weekend for Vincy Mas.

Interesting, huh? Made to apologise… heh, heh, heh, heh, heh.

Well, I am against homophobia, so that is a good thing. I don’t support lyrics that promote hate. In the same post, the Bajan Reporter talks about a post by Peter Boyce in which he implies that the gays are getting too powerful. He speaks of a controversy that flared up over Peter Ram’s lyrics in the song, “I Need A Woman By My Side”, that part where he sings:

“It is written in Leviticus,
Man shouldn’t lie with man,
Its abomination!”

Boyce seems to suggest that he thinks there is nothing wrong with Peter Ram’s lyrics. Well, I agree with Peter Boyce. Does it sound like I am contradicting myself? I don’t think so. It is one thing to disagree with a homosexual persons’ practices, and quite another thing to promote killing or beating that same person because you disagree with their practices. I feel you should be able to voice your opinion, but I think promoting beating or killing them for those homosexual practices is wrong.

I took MBJr. to watch the latest “Harry Potter” movie last night. It was pretty decent, but it wasn’t “A-1, top notch” stuff. Let me put it to you this way. You know when you go to a movie and at the end people stand an applaud? Well, at the end of this move, a few diehard fans were trying to get some applause going, but the general audience in the theatre wasn’t feeling it. What resulted was a semi-smattering of applause. When they started, I even said to myself, “No, this movie wasn’t really worth applause.” I actually said this out loud and MBJr. heard me. He replied in his most threatening voice, “Never say that!”, so its clear he disagrees with me, but hey, he is seven! Still, the show was entertaining. Go and see it if you’re into that sort of stuff.

Hey, I noticed that WordPress dot Com listed a site called ” ” in its “Fastest Growing blogs list. Can anyone tell me why this site should make that list and my blog seems not to have ever done so? Might it be because Priyanka Chopra looks like this? πŸ˜‰

I bet thats what it is. After all, her site is mainly some pictures… Oh well, men are sexist, what can I say? πŸ˜€

Ok, here comes the part you may consider “not so interesting” (perhaps) : WordPress has written a FaceBook application. Now you can do some blogging from within FaceBook! I decided to try it out, in fact, this post is actually being written from within FaceBook, so clearly it works.

Now if I were a person who was into FaceBook, i.e I used it and really liked it, I might find this useful, but really, I hardly ever use FaceBook. I am mainly trying this out because I am curious about how it works, Its cool that they are able to do things like this, and eventually they will make the links with some other online application that I really want to use.

Based on stuff I have heard though, there are a number of people that I know of who use both WordPress and FaceBook, and so I will leave this post up. Guys and gals, you know who you are… If you use both FaceBook and WordPress, you can now blog from within FaceBook, if you should choose to do so.


Interesting Yardie News

Posted in I think its interesting, Natural Beauty on July 3, 2007 by Mad Bull

The Jamaica Star did a good job with their “Hottie Hottie Girl” yesterday, bwoy! She was a hottie 4real!

Whew! That was a great picture, but it was not good enough to distract me from the fact that the Reggae BoyZ got a MAJOR ass whupping from Iran! Blurd Cleat! 8-1?! God was definitely not on our side that day! What is really going on with the Reggae BoyZ of late though? This newspaper article says that they have lost three of the four games that they played while on their Asian tour! Wow! I really hope that the Reggae BoyZ are not going the way of the West Indies now, yu know! I am not sure I have the strength to handle that!

Oh, and here is the cartoon of the day in the Jamaica Gleaner…

You think the cartoon holds any credence? I mean, in a sane logical world, yes, but in Jamaica? When it comes to politricks, Jamaicans are crazy, you know!

National Costume Photos

Posted in I think its interesting on May 21, 2007 by Mad Bull

The Miss Universe National Costume photos are up at Global Beauties. Nothing more really needs to be said. Below is Miss Jamaica:

Miss Puerto Rico’s costume seems to be inspired by the shots of Kiera Knightly in the trailer from the latest “Pirates of the Caribbean” flick…

The next one is of Miss Estonia. I posted it because I just like the costume and the pose… the dawta looks hott! As Capleton sang, “She look good in her clothes”.

Go check the pictures out and tell me which costume was your favourite nuh?