The Weekend Report, yet again…

Hail up, my crew… Friday, I went on the road with a couple of bredrins after work. Natty went out as well, but separately from me. Was not a good night though. I was not in a good mood, and the vodka I was drinking did NOT lift my spirits. We started out at Buttinwood. Lawd, the bartenders there look good! 🙂

When we left there, we went to Cayman Cabana looking for one of my friend Jose’s friends and her party. They were out to celebrate a birthday. They had already left the Cabana though, so we went over by The Office to link them up. I sank further into a bad mood and should really have left there  and went home, but instead, I went with the guys to Mango Tree, That was ok, but eventually I lost my temper over some foolishness and went home. Can anyone say too much vodka? I don’t think vodka suits me. I should stay away from it.

Went home, cleaned off the porch and surfed the ‘net till I fell asleep.

Saturday, was a much brighter day, though . Hung out at home all day… Only went on the road to buy us all lunch (Quiznos for MBJr. and I, Popeyes for Natty). Oh, also took the dogs to Animal House for baths, and a trim for Simba… the last trim till March 2014 for him! Then, in the night, MBJr. and I went to a games night at Jose’s. Taught some people Kalooki, played some glow-in-the-dark Pictionary… It was fun! Natty went to “South Coast” instead…  MBJr. got all miserable with me, because he felt that I kept him out too long. Pobrfecito! 😦

Stayed home all day Sunday. Surfed the ‘net, got onto a conference call for the Mobile Banking project at work,,, that took awhile. Watched some football. Saw Aston Villa pull off a come-from-behind win over Manchester City, 3-2! Nice game.  Got into some family conference calls with Seven and Ciya, over Mom’s illness. Ciya seems to have got a mixed up message from Mom’s doctor and was telling people the wrong thing re Mom’s diagnosis. We called the Doc and straightened it out, though I think Ciya was a bit annoyed about it…. Then called Mom and Annie, Tried to convince Annie that Steffer was NOT psychic, This is important, because Annie is convinced that she is and she even got into an argument with and hung up on our aunt over it! Was telling her  that she should stop going around telling people that Steffer was psychic and giving them messages Steffer had “received from dead people” and things she had  “seen”. That didn’t work! Sigh….

Read some more of my latest “Jack Reacher” novel and watched the “Breaking Bad” finale at home, while Natty went out. Good show, great series. Goodbye, Mr. White! Bye, Jessie!  We’ll miss you, bitches!

Overall, a good weekend. Thank God we have lived to see a new week. Let’s do this!


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