The Weekend Report

Went to Mango Tree on Friday for drinks with Garth, Jose, Carol, Tracie, and Denice… 4 rum & coconut waters, or was it 5? Result: low grade inflammation in left knee. it was fun.

The movie “White House Down” with MBJr. On Saturday… Good movie! I gave it an 8, but MBJr. and IMDB gave it 6.5… Also cooked beef stir fry, and seasoned up a shitload of chicken. “Jack the Giant Killer” with Natty, cleaned out the shed…

Sunday, Natty baked the chicken. Splendiferous! Played a lot of chess on the iPad, and watched Season 1 of “Downton Abbey”. Pretty decent.

Things I should also have done? Walked the dogs, go to the beach and planted something. Maybe next week.

Oh, I finished the board that Natty wanted under the mattress, so she is back sleeping in our bed now after 2 weeks sleeping in the guest room… Hopefully the back issues she has been having will fade away rapidly. Peace!


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