His MySpace Page

So, the other night I was driving home from the gym, when a “Red Rat” song came on… Its called “My MySpace Page”, it sounds good and you can hear it hereso. Anyway, its a funny song, but it has a truthful ring to it, you know? I was feelin’ that song, boy! I mean, Natty could never get bringle about MY MySpace page, because thats just a dawgy dawgy site, but my Hi5 and Facebook pages, now thats another thing! πŸ˜‰

You know, Red Rat has some pretty decent songs, you know! I don’t know how come he isn’t larger on the Dancehall scene. It come een like say him gone real quiet since about 1997. And him was big! Remember “Shelley Anne”? “Dwayne”? “Tight up Skirt”? Ah three bad, bad songs dat, you know! (All from the album, “Oh No, Its Red Rat“)

“Trust me, Dwayne, you cyah have a girl and every night she haffi complain!”.

Yeah man!

Anyway, Red Rat naw tell no lie. I went to his Myspace site and I can see why his girl is “all in a rage”! He really does have some hot girls on his MySpace page. Check out dem ones yah! They arent all that bad, but some ppl will still think they are not worksafe, so…

Exhibit 1

Exhibit 2

Exhibit 3

Now I don’t have any girls on my social networking pages who flaunt up themselves like these girls do on Red Rat’s MySpace page, but I can well imagine myself being in a similar predicament to the one he sings about if I did! πŸ™‚

Anyway, Red Rat, if you read this, big up! Love the “MySpace Page” song! I think you should launch an all out attack on the dancehall scene, mi bredda!

To the rest of you, have a great Friday, and a great weekend! Peace!


4 Responses to “His MySpace Page”

  1. I done been telling yu bout Red Rat for ages Bro!!! Check Shelly Anne – “Dem call har clothes pin – yu squeeze har head and har legs dem open…”
    I suppose as a woman I should be offended – but the wittiness of that lyric cfracks me up every time…

  2. I want anyone or all a dem girl yah pon myspace in my apartment! It seems mi need fi be a famous, rich entertainer!!! Thanks fi dem hot pics yah!

  3. lol that’s his kitchen?? (See the difference of what girls focus on??)

  4. I think all the girls on my facebook page are reasonably clothes. that does it I need new hotter friends!

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