Nice Smile, Innit?

What a nice smile!

Yes, my peeps! Straight out of St. Catherine Jamaica, here is Miss Hotness! What a nice smile she has, eeeh?

What nice legs!

Evidently she has some nice legs too! Stunner and Taylor, what oonoo sayin? 🙂

This question is for my lady readers. If you were this lady, how would you feel about the fact that I took your pictures and posted them up here without your permission? Notice, I haven’t said anything bad or anything… and I didn’t steal these pictures from you… no, maybe you posted them up on one of those social networking sites out on the web, or its a part of your online modelling portfolio or something so. And no, I didn’t doctor the picture and put you in any compromising positions or anything. And no, I don’t even know you. How would you feel?


12 Responses to “Nice Smile, Innit?”

  1. Hmmm, not doctored, was on a public site, nothing derogatory being said, I probably wouldn’t have a problem. Let me think on it some more.

  2. MB, remind me how to link nuh please? Link a post, a site, whatever. I seem to have forgotten! Well, I followed the procedures that I normally follow and nothing happened. Help me please.

  3. Whatevah about this girl with the heffa legs by “girl standards” and “undefined beauty” by male standards (rolling my eyes) – Mah Peeps – U gotta know!!!! BATTLESTAR GALACTICA begins its final season with a movie Nov 24th 9pm/8pm central…

    This gives you just over a week to get caught up!!! Log into the website on the SciFi Channel – I swear – this has been one of the most captivating, addictive shows for me – so if you all can – watch as much of it as you can before – AND DO NOT MISS THE FINAL SEASON!!!

    Forget about the show you watched in the ’80’s!!!! You know – that one with Dirk Benedict and whoever the other dude was… the new Sci Fi Channel show has NOTHING to do with that baloney!!!

    This is seriousy addictive drama – DON’T MISS IT!!! I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I don’t see Battlestar Galactica at all in our local DVD rental stores… get me the first season for Christmas. Natty will take the second season. MBJr. wants Lost, Season three.

  5. Hmm, it might depend on the day, the position of the moon, whether I had eaten before I found out. LOL! I guess it would depend on the mood I was in when I found out.

    What does Natty think about you posing pics of posting a pic of the “nameless” lady?

  6. The girl is sitting on a haunches, posing for the camera, and in the next picture she is wearing a yellow outfit thats as short as humanely possible. I don’t think she has an issue about pictures….

    I love taking pictures and posing, but I wouldn’t be putting pics like these up on the net…and if I did, well then I don’t really have any reason to complain if someone like you were to admire them…

  7. Is not only this girl that I posted today I talking ’bout…

  8. Smile?…what smile?

  9. Yes MB hotness fi real!!! I totally agree, she has a nice smile and a damn nice pair of legs, strong, well-shaped and pretty!

  10. dominatrix Says:

    Was it the nice “smile” that you were really focussed on? Heh heyyyyyyy! A dat yu call it now….

  11. if it’s on hi5 it’s fair game. However, if it came from Facebook I would have a problem seeing that pics there are not so easily accesses

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