Love Chat after the Twelvth Anniversary

Natty, while sitting and reading about new superbug (some staph sumting or de odder) in the newspaper : “Lawd!!! Who is it that really comes up with all these names for bacteria? I remember when I used to do Biology and Human and Social Biology and I used to read all those names like “staphlococcus” and all them tings deh and it just sounds so nasty!“.

Mad Bull : “Staphlococcus, staphlococcus, staphlococcus!”.

Natty : “Lawd! Nasty!”.

Mad Bull : “Tonight, I am going to wait until you are just drifting off to sleep and then I’m going to lean over and whisper softly in your ear ‘Staphlococcus, staphlococcus, staphlococcus!'”

Natty : “Yeah, you go ahead and do that and then I’m going to just thump you right in your rass mouth!”.

Natty & Mad Bull :


6 Responses to “Love Chat after the Twelvth Anniversary”

  1. Clearly you both need to lay off the drugs… 🙂

  2. It sounds more like the love drugs to me and if it is takes some more … sounds like someone had a whole lot off fun 😀

  3. awwww…

    so did you do it??

  4. No sah! You mad! You mussi want Natty slit my throat!

  5. Congrats on de 12th anniversary!

  6. I agree with the drug thing, look like you two was burning the greens!

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