A Convo Overheard, and a Question…

I stopped at Fort Street Market to buy a newspaper since I was about 15 minutes early for work. As I was walking out after paying for the paper, I heard the following conversation occurring between members of this tourist family who was also leaving the store.

Mother : Ask your father, honey.
Daughter : Dad, is New Jersey in America?
Dad : Sort of. Well, actually, I’d have to say no, because…

At this point, they moved out of range of my hearing, but I can’t get this out of my mind!

Is it that this father was just a fool, (as I suspect) or is there some strange reason, which I cannot for the life of me understand why anyone would say that New Jersey wasn’t in the United States? I really wish I had decided to risk being late for work and followed them, you know?

Still, I know it would have been a fool’s errand. The man was just another stupid American, like one of those idiots that Jay Leno always comes across and interviews in the streets on the Tonight Show.

And no, this isn’t the post I mentioned writing over by the “Mad Bull’s Blog”. If is that you looking for, check back. Thats wil be more writing than I felt to do tonite. TTY tomorrow.

Huh? Whats up with the dog picture? Yeah, I know it has nothing to do with the post! No, I’m not going crazy! Its just that I’ve been thinking… bulls are pretty boring animals, man! At least, all the bulls I see over here in Grand Cayman are! Yeah, when I was little I did watch those bull fights in Mexico and those bulls really had it going on, but all the local bulls I see, well, all they do is hang around in fields chewing their cud and trying to decide which of their stomachs they should use to digest some grass next!

Maybe I need to reposition myself, you know? Mad Pit Bull, instead of just plain old Mad Bull…. Pit Bulls are getting all the “bad man” news now… They are “badder” than Bobby Brown! Actually, I’m not too sure if he is the person to mention in that role nowadays… In fact, I don’t know who is! If you have any ideas, tell me. But I am sure you get the idea. Anyway, Mad Pit Bull has a certain ring to it. Thats more suitable for me, right? What do you think?


3 Responses to “A Convo Overheard, and a Question…”

  1. WHAT?!?! Are you sure the man was American? No man, you must be mistaken. How could an American, capable of getting to Cayman, not know that New Jersey was in America? I know that everybody likes to joke about the stereotypically stupid American but, I can’t believe that one could find Cayman and not know about New Jersey. I’m boggled.

  2. I like you as just Mad Bull, Mad Pit Bull well I just picture you with your tongue our wagging…NAH….

  3. attitudeofgratitude27 Says:

    Mi late nuh rass but the father is actually correct. There are 2 Americas which most people conveniently forget. So the convo is going so:

    Mother : Ask your father, honey.
    Daughter : Dad, is New Jersey in America?
    Dad : Sort of. Well, actually, I’d have to say no, because…

    He’d have to say no because New Jersey is in the United States of America, but there are 2 Americas, so you would have to differentiate to have the correct answer because there could also be a New Jersey in South America as well. Just my useless take on the situation.

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