Forever Using Technology

We went to the revolutions. We drank deeply from their font, like it had no tomorrow! Gran Marnier, Tequila, Redstripe, Corona. And then the Chicken Korma?! I was upset when she looked at me with those evil eyes. She crawled through the grass, upon her belly, in a wave. She undulated along, slithering from side to side. Her eyes, never closing. She stuck her tongue out at me. It was thin and the end was forked. A great stone was upended by the revolutions, and it fell upon her back and she moved away on the rapids of time.

Then she fixed me with her eyes. I can’t stand when she does that. They don’t belong to her really. They are a part of her butt they really belong to something else, something old and wrinkled and ugly and evil! And she looked at me and then she leaned in close. She twined her arms around my neck and she whispered in my ear, “Do you know what the maxi pad said to the fart?”. And I said, “Huh?”. And she replied “You’re the wind beneath my wings!”. And I couldn’t help it, eyes of Horus or not, scaly skin and forked tongue or not, I had was to laugh! And with my laugh, my ba-soul left my body and followed the sun through the underworld.

I don’t want no confusion though. I hold beauty, even as beauty holds me… enthralled. I can’t move… paralyzed. Oh yeah… the stench of rotten food permeated the washing machine. It made my heart weary. I resolved not to give up though! I’d never give it up like no silly ho! No money, no love. Not a backside. And the song was slow… slow and dead. And the sky grew dark. Clouds rolled in and thunder rolled across the heavens. “Lets get ready to rumble!”, I thought and giggled again.

Inside the temple, a curtain ripped suddenly. It was electric and the smell of cordite or sulphur filled the air. But out of death, new life arose, with a click and a new page load, and in the middle of the night, I jumped up… sat up in bed, rigid! Thats it! A lightbulb went on in my head. Light splashed around the room, spilling forth from a point to my left. Bright yellow. Golden really. She wants it. And just like that, an idea was borne out.


13 Responses to “Forever Using Technology”

  1. WTF are you smoking?

  2. Bro, for real – yu deh pon drugs???? Is there something I should know???

  3. That which you call madness, I call genius!

  4. Okay – so it is drugs…. I think we need to have an intervention!!!!

  5. Yow leave the man alone …is sick him sick it is called OWENTITIST … check it out here it is very catching and i some how feel i am coming down with it…MB a soon do mine (randomness) too ….

  6. hahahhaha, nice try, I could chop it up but I’m sleepy I give it a 7 out of 10

    tripped up there on the second paragraph, heavy usage of “then”, “and” and “they”. Also you can only “giggled again” if you giggled a first


  7. @ Owen, remember I said I laughed earlier. Tell me if I am wrong, but isn’t a giggle a subset of a laugh? And if so, could not my first laugh have been a giggle? Come on, now, I think I deserve an 8 out of 10! 😦

  8. […] know what? Oonoo go read the post yourself and tell me if its not on par with or nearly as good as anything Owen has done recently (just the […]

  9. LOL, How long did it take you to write this!!!!! I used to wonder if somehow i just didnt “get” OWEN…meaning him was on a whole other level…but di whole ah yuh mad……after bobby’s attempt i will try one and see if i have the guts to post it for ratings…..oonu crazy!

  10. Love it, ahh we wanna be writers….

  11. How long? Perhaps 35 – 40 minutes, it takes awhile for the inspirations to come. Marangand, I am dying to see your efforts. Thanks, CP.

  12. lol, then you shoulda laughed again. plus man don’t giggle unless they are being tickled. the comittee has given a 7!

  13. You know, I really like that dog!

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