Longing For…

Well, the morning started good! I got some good news, yeah! It sounds like everything is all set now! It is definitely going to happen! This guy in the pictures below, he is with a radio station here in the Cayman Islands, Hot 104.1 FM. He was on TV this morning, on Daybreak (the local morning program), and he was talking about it!


Destra! Allison Hinds! And others too, don’t remember who, but I think the show is going to go down at the Lions Center on November 2, 2007 and you know which Natty and which Bull ago deh deh! Its been awhile since we have gone out and wuk up we waists! Its full time! I wonder if M’Buthelezi can babysit, sah? All I know is, IanI cannot wait!

On top of that, November seems to be a month we will always remember, because I have heard mutterings that Third World and Morgan Heritage will be here as well! Then there is Pirates Week coming up, that is sure to have some nice festivities going on… November sounding good, boy!

People, I may not have mentioned it before. It has been raining here. Lots! Imagine, I took three days vacation leave and I never got even one chance to go to the beach! Can you believe it? All I have done every day is to hit one of the bars that opens early and play pool with whoever I found in there. One time, I was even teaching Ninochka (the bartender) how to play! The pool playing has been entertaining, but I sort of want to deal with some seaside fun now, Iyah!

Anyway, according to the weatherman on Daybreak, things may just be looking up! “This afternoon could have us seeing blue skies and sun again!”, he said! I plan to make use of that rass! Governor’s Harbour, here I come, boy! I don’t want to break my gym going plans though, so maybe I have to go early today. When I am finished with this post, I think I will just go wash some clothes (ugh), head down to Kings Gym, then to the beach. Or depending on the sun and so on, maybe I will go to the beach, then to the gym. We shall see…

Later on, I want to do a little clubbin wit’ mah honey. I am trying to line up some kalooki over the weekend as well. Hopefully that will all work out.

Anyway, I am going to run now. TTYL! Have a great Friday and a wikid weekend! 🙂


5 Responses to “Longing For…”

  1. Well yesterday was nothing but rain, so the beach and the clubbin never worked out. Cho!

  2. That’s an eye catching outfit in the first picture.

    It reminds me of a bit I heard on the Chapelle Show a while back about the way women dress and uniforms. YouTube Video

  3. That one IS quite funny, Say Wah…

    I understand where Chapelle is coming from. Trust me! I can immediately remember NUFF nuff women right here in Cayman who wear the shortest of the short or the lowest of the low, and then when they see you lustin’ at ’em, they take on this holier than thou expression and its all about pulling the skirt lower and all….

    They’re crazy, I tell you!

  4. I miss you guys Bro!!! Love You!!!

  5. It’s raining non-stop there; and in Georgia we are having a drought. The lakes are drying up, people are being fined for watering their yards. And it is supposed to get worse.

    Such extremes, it doesn’t seem fair.

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