Nnenna… or is it Ulunma?

So in a fit of idleness, I was watching America’s Next Top Model yesterday. A couple of the things that struck me were just how much difference make up can make, and just how beautiful Nnenna is. (Here is her MySpace site)

She pretty fi real, but still, if I were going out with her, our first fifty or so dates would be at restaurants! She could sure use a pound or two, take a look!

Yeah boy, after she gained about twenty pounds, I am sure she would retain her God-given good looks and also, she might just have gained a butt to die for, don’t you think so too? ๐Ÿ™‚ Then she would become an even brighter shinier jewel than she is right now!

Its like the first time I was watching this show, so I had never seen Nnenna before, and immediately I thought that she would end up being the winner. Then I googled her and realised that she had been the eighth girl to be eliminated, so apparently I was watching reruns. I couldn’t believe that she was eliminated, but reading the story of it, I realise now how this could happen.

“[… During their deliberations, the judges agreed that while Nnenna was beautiful and had begun the competition as one of the strongest participants, they felt that she failed to grow out of her safe, routine photo shoot performances.”

…”You started this competition at the top of the pack, you had that ‘It’ thing, but that ‘It’ thing is fading,” Tyra explained to Nnenna before eliminating her from the competition. (click here to go to this article)

You know, I have tried my hand at modelling a time or two in the past. I always had difficulty posing on command though…

“Smile, now, Mad… thats not a smile, thats a grimace…. just relax and smile… think happy thoughts! Oh God! Ok, lets take a short break and then try again…”

You know, thinking back, if they had flung down some liquor upon me to take the initial anxiety and stress out of the whole thing, I may have done a lot better. Oh well… why cry over what might have been? Maybe some of us just weren’t meant for modelling. Pity… I would probably have lots more cash now and my bedroom conquest stories would undoubtedly have been way more numerous! Not more exciting though, I’ll wager. ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway, Nnenna, even though you were eliminated, take heart. At least none of the other contestants on America’s Top Model will ever be able to say that their picture graced the “El Toro Loco” blog! That is something you will always have over them.


13 Responses to “Nnenna… or is it Ulunma?”

  1. tillybummie Says:

    Now she is beautiful. I agree, after she put on at least 10 pounds, I would be willing to give her some serious lyrics.

  2. tillybummie Says:

    actually, she looks like I would look, if i lost about 40 pounds and plastered on some makeup. Why these girls think that looking like mosquito basting thread is a good thing? You notice how becoming a “moggle” is now more popular than becoming a stewardess in ja? That modeling industry business in Ja is nothing but prostitution under a different name and set of rules…

  3. ewwwwwwwwwwwww

  4. Mental imagery that I can’t un-see. Damn you.

  5. So wait? Oonoo nuh like her? She too skinny, I agree, but she looks irie! She just wants some food, rasta! You see, this is what happens when you cast pearls before swine, you know! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. tillybummie Says:

    I tell you, stop making decisions based on how your buddy reacts – its bound to lead you to say some crazy things – she look fine for a second; a second and third look, no.



  7. jamsprint Says:

    She is beautiful, I used to have a thing for skinnyish girls but this one would be taking it toooo far. Definitely a beauty though.

  8. experienceaurie Says:

    I agree that she need a little more meat on her, but I have one word to describe: “exotic”

  9. tillybummie Says:

    what is the origin of the term “exotic”? To whom is this term assigned? Through whose eyes? always wonder whether we are saying what we mean to say…

  10. Although mi bun fire fi the ball head thing, she does look captivating!

  11. Nnenna is so beautiful, I wish I could pull off the bald look like she does!

  12. You all are crazy….. Nnenna is damn beautiful… anyone of u on here gat a girl as beautiful as she is???? Damn u guys r just low grade haters.

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