OK, Here is a Question for You…

I was just reading up on this whole Jena 6 affair (yeah, I know, I’m behind on the news) and it occurred to me that I have been hearing and reading a lot of racially oriented information of late. What do you think? Is the issue of race and race relations becoming more prevalent nowadays in the United States (and perhaps Canada as well) today than it was in the last two decades?


11 Responses to “OK, Here is a Question for You…”

  1. shaddap paki

  2. @ X1X : You are boring, man. Get a life. Go look a girlfriend nuh. Even you can get one! Ok, so it’ll cost you. It won’t be cheap, but it’ll be worth it, man. Do yourself a favour.

  3. @X1X – do you even understand the definition of a paki? are you subject to basic illiteracy – or some reaaly saddening, unfortunate incapacity? Please advise, so we know how to respond to your seemingly uncontrolled, misguided responses…

  4. Hey who the hell is this X1X guy phsssssst (hiss teeth)

  5. @Bobby – He is this latent homosexual who has been hounding me at this site for awhile now. I guess he likes me and is acting out because he can never have me. Poor thing.

  6. What is interesting is that he has managed to take over the comments to this post with just two words. No one has even attempted to answer the question. Since I consider him to be quite boring, what does that say about my question? Hmmm…. šŸ™‚

  7. tillybummie Says:

    No, we have become so accepting of and blind to the mundane, highly prevalent and equally toxic forms of racism, that situations like the Jena 6 are so blatant as to seem otherworldly.

  8. ….damn!!! a gay huh??? Well your Question is a bit difficult for me cause even though i look like the native Africans and i guess i would be subjected to the discrimination that goes with being black. I see beyond that… why some of my grand uncles are all pure white men ..on my mother side. And i got some whites on my father side so what that makes me?? But to answer your question i don’t think it is worst i just think the easy access to info has exposed us to more what is happening out there thus creating that impression.

  9. tillybummie Says:

    Bobby — what exactly is “pure white”?

    The insanity gets worse — check this link out.


  10. jamsprint Says:

    Don’t let me start talk bout racism and America cause as it is, I sit before a rahtid monitor in the library which consists about 0.5% of Black/African American ppl.. Plus, I am taking a racism class this semester and I am the only black person in my discussion class. I could go on and on, but its digressing from your question.
    I don’t think it is becoming more prevalent because up until before the jena 6 incidents and even after it mainstream America was and is still of the opinion that racism is a thing of the jim crow era, and people who believe it still exists are just finding excuses or causing controversy. Terrible place I tell you…
    back to ma h/w

  11. @ TILLYBUMMIE: my use of the term “pure white man” may have inadvertently offended you but it was just Jamaican PARLANCE getting the better of me in no way am i suggesting that being white is being pure per se … i was just saying that they are unmixed caucasians….. THANK YOU!!!
    I support Jamsprint views too though i believe the media just causes it and most other things to seem worst than they really are.

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