T.G.I.F? Maybe for Oonoo!

Hey, you guys remember when you were taken to somewhere people THOUGHT you would have fun… where you were subjected to heat, heat and more heat… lots of walking in the hot sun… thirst… hunger… tiredness… eventually you get really cranky and start to go on bad!!! πŸ™‚

I remember it. When I was younger, my Mom and Dad took all seven of us kids all over the place in Florida…. Miami Seaquarium, Parrot Jungle, Disney World! Everywhere we went, my Dad would force us to stop in de hot sun so he could shoot some pictures of us kids… I remember I looked much like my pickney above…. Look at how he is holding down his head and glowering at the camera nuh? I must ask Seven if he broke her camera! πŸ˜€

Anyway, this weekend is looking kind of busy for the I. I may have to put in some time at work. I want to get in some beach time though. Wish me luck nuh? Or even Say a Likkle Prayer for me!

By the way, Doctor D has not been blogging for some time now. Recently he mentioned that some spammers have taken over the comment section of his site. Given that he is out of this whole blogging thing, I decided that its probably just too much trouble to fix that problem, so I just decided to blow away his entire site! Don’t worry though! If you feel like reading some of the goodly Doctor’s old posts, you can still find them. I have simply moved them to the Tower of Babel. Just go through the archjives from about June 2007 backwards in time. Thare are plenty of posts there, interspersed with the stuff written by a number of other authors and I. Also, if you just wat to read stuff by the Doctor (ie. you ain’t into wading through the other bullshit on the site) you can read the Doctor’s old stuff, (and perhaps anything new he may write) at http://doctordeefromjamaica.wordpress.com/

Doctor D, if you feel up to posting something new at the Tower, just sound me up for a UserID and password, you know seh you must get them. I have sent you your user id and password for DoctorDfromJamaica to your email address. Please at least take the time to select a nice theme. The default theme is rather boring, what?! Respect, mi moreno. πŸ˜€

Yo, even though I will probably be slaving away part of this weekend, thats no reason for the rest of you to sit around moping. Get on out and (* insert your favourite way to have fun here *)!!! πŸ˜€



7 Responses to “T.G.I.F? Maybe for Oonoo!”

  1. I and I use to take lick for goin on bad like that. One time, also at Disney, I was told to do something and responded by sucking my teeth… Licks! I tell you! Licks! 😯

  2. Actually, it was hot – very, very, very HOT, but I have to tell you that MBJr. thoroughly enjoyed this trip to Miami’s Metro Zoo!!!

    He didn’t misbehave at all!! He loves animals, and his only dissapointment was that although the zoo’s site stated that they have Spider Monkeys (his favorite), they didn’t have any!!!

    But he knew WAY more than me about the animals, and was able to identify almost all of them before I could!!! The photo shows his frustration with being asked “to take a photo” πŸ™‚ He actually didn’t want to leave, but Auntie J had had too much sun and walking for the day…

    Funny, huh…

  3. I rember touring places with my mother and her friends, I probably looked the same way.

    Well hopefully the new site will rekindle his blogging flame….maybe.

  4. man if you have legs use dem, there is nothing like a road trip unless the car full

  5. I was preptually hungry on day trips..

  6. I used to get dusted regularly for misbehaving at outings. My children are totally the opposite. You barely even know they are around when we are out.

  7. I actually felt compelled to comment on the stellar quality of the photo, personally – no-one else has mentioned it; IS IT JUST ME???

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