Love is as skin deep as beauty

Ok, ok, ok! Not a post from me tonight. No, tonight was a night for a post at The Mad Bull’s Blog. Still, I read a couple of posts over by the site and I found the yute Shonari (he is the author) to be quite talented! He has some interesting stuff up, and so I have decided to link to one of his posts.

Ladeez and gentulmen! Go ye forth to Shonari’s site and read! I will recommend to you as a first read this excellent hypothesis about beauty and its relationship to… er… relationships. Here it is : “Love is as skin deep as beauty“. Now go. Read it. I gone to bathe and go to bed. I don’t know about you but I got to go to work in the AM


3 Responses to “Love is as skin deep as beauty”

  1. hey mb check out is article on shonari ….. think it was good too

  2. hey a serious a bout the short story thing just give me awhile soon link you. btw longtime a don’t see you pass by me

  3. experienceaurie Says:

    yow! i know we have those days when you can’t come up with such inspired writings all the time. What better way than to pass it off to another youth!!

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