A Real Nightmare!

I was just reading Sir Scratchie’s account of his trip to New York on Air Jamaica right after Hurricane Dean, and trust me, reading his account, my blood started to boil! His story was so similar to my experience when we were trying to fly out MBJr. when Hurricane Dean was coming that its even harder to believe that what happened that night was a co-incidence, or even the result of other airlines breaking contractual arrangements with Cayman Airways, as has been suggested. Even if there were issues with other airlines not sending the planes that they had contracted with Cayman Airways to send, I know that a lot of Jim Screechy bullshit was going on with the tickets that night.

Like Sir Scratchie, I eventually lost it and started to get on bad! You know what bruck me out? There was this lady who had been there in line just as long as I had been, right? She was there with her yute, and the yute was so tired that the lady had to put the yute on the dirty, hard floor to sleep. (See the picture right here in this post)

People, the few times that the line moved, the lady had to be dragging her yute on the ground like baggage! Trust me! Then you know what? People were there boring in front of her and in the most shameful way at that! Barefaced bullshit!

I wasn’t even in her line, but eventually I had to speak up. When I started, some other people started and then they sent for police to calm us down because some airline agents and some boorish passengers was going to get an arsing that night, lemme tell you!

Anyway, the police came and sorted things out, bwoy! And they were polite while doing it too! Royal Cayman Islands Police Service (RCIPS), oonoo deserve a big up for that night, let me tell you!


5 Responses to “A Real Nightmare!”

  1. Mighty Afroditee Says:

    When I read Scratchie’s account, I wanted to fling a few bottles on his account! After experiencing the airpirt after Ivan, I never even bothered trying to get Sonny off this time, because I knew that thousands of people would be at the airport, and the jacked up fares. “Computer” glitch my backside! With the Ivan and Dean fiascos, its obvious that they need to implement proper strategies at the airport to facilitate the evacuees, instead of having the people sit like cattle outside of the airport.

  2. there are familiy photos somewhere of me asleep on suitcases at Miami airport on various trips through there. that’s the problem with growing up, no one lets you do stuff like that anymore!

  3. Mel - Piggy Says:

    Hail up, MB.

  4. nice to have people like you guys to watch out for the others.

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