Hard Dough and Ham, Hard Dough and Jam

So this evening, we went to Fosters Supermarket at just the right time. Apparently the Sales Rep. from the Captain’s Bakery had just delivers the Hard dough bread to the store. The bread was so fresh, it was still warm… people, they hadn’t yet fastened the bread bags, so you done know! We snapped a loaf up and of course, the rest of the groceries we had gone for.

When we got home, Natty said she was not going to wait to order pizza as we had planned earlier but was going to make some ham sandwiches. (one of the grocery items we had bought was this Honey Ham) Man, those ham sandwiches were the bomb! She put some mayo on, right, then the ham slices, then some nice fresh tomato! To really fill out the description, let me remind you that this ham sandwich was based upon some really irie, fresh, soft hard dough bread! Want one word to describe the sandwich? “Succulent!”, My bredrins! 🙂

So anyway, although the sandwich was really nice, it was sort of small. I am a growing boy, after all! I needed more, but I am lazy, and I was also hankering for something sweeter. I decided to spread a slice of the bread wth some guava jelly we had also picked up with the groceries. That certainly filled a gap, bredrins. I was no longer hungry. was nice, but the sandwich was so nice that I started hankering for another Guava Jelly slice of bread. When I hanker after things, I usually try to get it somehow and tonight was no exception. I got me that other slice of bread, with the guava jelly and all! It was excellent!

The long and short of it, folks, is that I overate tonight. I feel pretty damned stuffed tonight! My gosh! I am tired too, but I can’t go and lie down like this! I should probably go for a walk. I might just do it too, after I finish this post.

Hey, I heard about another Yardie who was beaten up in a bar by a bunch of guys! I know him too, though not well… anyway, I think I am going to approach him to join my bunch of ninjas! Then we can take it to the little bastards. Yeah, boyee, I am about to begin an intensive training program to become a ninja on a budget, courtesy of Wikihow! Soon, I will be a lethal weapon, man! Hopefully this Yardie bredrin will join the crew. Then when I get my crew together, we will kick some major butt! 🙂
Anyway, I am getting tired in a big way, so peace and love, I’m out!


10 Responses to “Hard Dough and Ham, Hard Dough and Jam”

  1. Hey I have my posse from “Piece”, just waiting for a chance to give back to me – y’simmee!!!! Get them a visa and all will be accomplished before morn!!!

    Okay, I have to admit I realize the conflict between what I’m writing here and my call to be a God follower!!! But God, you have to help me to overcome the rage against the people who hurt my family – because I admit FREELY that my emotional call is less than God-liike!!! Scratchie – any comments on this….

    Anyways, tonight’s supper was whole-wheat hardough (my compromise 🙂 ) with tuna and tomato plus “light” potato chips… Yummy!!!!

    Whatever – sitting here listening to Stephen Marley’s Traffic Jam – gota go – the call to dance overrides my call to post!!! 🙂

  2. You go you ninja you …. hey by the way MB will you be taking on any assassination jobs when you are thru. let me kno nuh

  3. how is that ninja on a budget thing working out for you?

    lol I need to start it too.

  4. @ Bobby : Of course! Everybody have to eat a food you know! Who do you want me to do for you?

    @ Adrian : You should join my “Strike Ninja Force!” then… Join today, dude. Be all the Ninja you can be!

  5. Damn, you have just given me a craving for some hot hard dough bread! Might need to make a trip out to get it soon…

  6. Sandwich sound like it did taste good!

    Ninja Mad Bull and the Bull Ninja squad! lol!

  7. did some one say ninja *poof* just a drop in fi see wah gwaan. yow i hate supermarkets so much especially end of months and any friday for a matter of fact. oh next ting i never know captains bakery over your endz bossie.. they got good bread mang

  8. Yeah, the Captain been over here for awhile now…

  9. Man that training to be a ninja thing sounds intensive. you have any posts open for accountants? As long as I can say I kick it with ninjas I’m cool.

  10. why are they beating up jamaicans there?

    all clueless…

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