She’s Aight!

I went over to the Global Beauties website last night and I noticed that had posted up a picture of Yendi on their front page! Also, they seemed to be more effusive than normal in their praise! And why not? Yendi is beautiful! In fact, she is hottt! Personally, I think she will do pretty well at the Miss World, don’t you? Below are a few more pictures of her.

Here is a bigger photo of her on the night of her coronation. Looking like a queen fi real!

Here is a shot of her taken while she was waiting her turn to do some of the preparative work that all the girls went through during the competition.

Here is a photo of her in her swimsuit at the beginning of the competition. Yeah, the girl is hot. You know, the more I look at her, she is reminding me of Cathy Levy… also she reminds me of this girl Doctor D used to love off BIG TIME while he was studying to become a doctor… Doc, if you read this, tell me if you don’t agree with me, nuh?


15 Responses to “She’s Aight!”

  1. 😦 I wanted powel to win 😦

  2. I saw her at the gym the Monday after she won ready to work out to keep things looking right! She seems a nice person as well

  3. *wipes off excess drool*

    shes aight.. lol

  4. i don’t know about cathy levy look-alike comparision – but she looks here to be one of our stronger candidates – i wish her all the best!!!

  5. Like Adrian, I’m mopping up the excess drool! She looks pretty, only problem I have is that she is a bit lacking in the love cushions (breats). Well all the best Yendi, do us proud!

  6. Yeah, Stunner… thats true. What to do though, right? I wouldn’t be kicking her out de bed because of that!

  7. She is a pretty young woman. But, you must be joking! There is no way that she is on par with world class beauties! There were other contestants in the Miss Jamaica World that were far superior to her. She is flat chested for Christ’s sake!!!! There is a dearth of curves.

    @Kingston Girl: Being a nice girl doesn’t count for anything. If anything it may be a strike against her.

  8. Well, I did happen to pass by here on Pre-Election day….if we thinking about the same girl, yeah my yute. And she still looks fine, even after having two yutes…I’d still give her de work!

    Yendi is nice, and I have no issues with her being a bit small up top, in fact I consider it an asset! One never knows what they look for in Miss World contests nowadays, but I don’t see why she doesn’t have a chance to do well.

    BTW, I understand that the rule for this General Election is VOTE EARLY & VOTE OFTEN!! Where’s the Bell smiley!? ;-))

  9. @ Say Wah : Well, she is definitely curvaceous enough for me, dude, but to each his own.

    @ Doctor D : No bell smiley, Doc, but I do have a “Labourite Inside” tag up over at “The Mad Bull’s Blog…

    @ Owen : Sorry dude, you can’t win them all, I guess…

  10. I sorry but I have to say something. look how uno tearing the girl apart piece by piece. (is that why they call it a piece?) Talking about how much breasts she has etc and kicking out of bed. I cant imagine, if big supposedly respectable men are behaving like this what can you imagine the youths are doing?…following your footsteps or even worse. Keep it clean. I dont know how many of you have daughters but this isnt a sex competition.

  11. You people are never satisfied. Can u ppl just be happy for once about the choice made? Yendi is exceptional and she will represent our country well. Instead of us cheering her on we always have something nasty to say and quite frankly its getting old.:”she’s aight”, “past beauties have been better”, “she’s flat chested” …just be happy for her and leave it at that.

  12. @ Blu : Who is “You people”? That sounds suspiciously like a generalisation to me. Also, why you so bex? I bet you related to her or is your woman! πŸ˜€

  13. lawd unno terrible sah….
    mad bull u confusing me which blog is di blog i muss follow sah? which is what, or what is which…

  14. hey u mr dr d after i read so much bout u all over the place i go to u blog to read and laff and i see bere all over the place summn, waapen to dash weh di blog?


  15. tillybummie Says:

    She looks very generic; you could find twenty of her lounging around new kingston any sunday of the month. in fact, doesn’t she resemble lisa hanna? that’s why jamaicans picked her. Recognizing beauty requires thought and the sense of being surprised over and over again, not an immediate hard-on or a flashback to having seen her somewhere before. she definitely don’t pass the smell test.

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