Why, Thank You for Saying So!

Well, Well, looky here! I have been listed on WordPress.com’s list of “Growing Blogs”! I’ve always felt like I had a nice thing here, but it is nice to have other people saying it as well… Hey, so I am only 89th on the list, but recognition is recognition, am I right? It is better to have made the list (albeit way down on said list) than not to have made the list at all, especially when you consider that my blog was selected from an overall list of blogs which probably numbers in the millions! 😀


5 Responses to “Why, Thank You for Saying So!”

  1. Wow. It goes to prove again that you really are the Caribbean’s blogfadda!

  2. All Hail The Carib King Blogger….. good go dude …but du nuh mek it get to yuh head 😀

  3. Bless up! 89 and climbing upwards.
    Lady Roots

  4. Congrats on the recognition, even though it’s at position 89! 🙂

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