She Likkle & Cute, Eeehhh?

No, I am not too “chat-plenty” this morning. Anyway, I still have something for y’all here. Today I have posted up the video of that hot number, Rosina Casserley, one of my favourite contestants in the Miss Jamaica World Pageant. Bwoy, Mad Cobra sang a lyric, “You haffi likkle and cute if you wah man fi slam” and trust me Rosina must have the men lining up to put argument to her, because she little and she cute for days! Over at The Mad Bull’s Blog, I have posted my number one favourite, Jodie Shaw’s video and at the Tower I have posted Sexy Lady Yendi’s video (I like the way she moves… reminds me of a tiger or something dangerous like that). Y’all have a great weekend, you hear! TTYL!


2 Responses to “She Likkle & Cute, Eeehhh?”

  1. Yeah she is a nice petite one.

  2. tillybummie Says:

    puppies, dolls and babies are likkle and cute…how infantilizing –and to think so many Jacn women accept this as a complement and do whatever they can to be seen this way..eeeewwwwww!!

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