13 Responses to “Now Theres An Idea”

  1. You know… I am speechless – at a complete loss for words!!! Only a MAN could concoct something like this!!!

  2. Ha! That is funny! And from Bill Clinton, even better. 🙂

  3. MB seriously although i like the natrual beauties pics a think they affecting you …..BTW you think bush might listen to bill for once

  4. Affecting me? No, man, I didn’t write that… Look at the category of the post… “Shyte ppl email me”. I’m just sharing it… still, if an airline really had such a brainwave, I know nuff man who would fly pon it!

  5. @ MB: Whew got me sacred there for awhile ….but seriously it is a idea worth looking intro…. yumyum!!


  7. Mighty Afroditee Says:

    Stroops! And what is in it for me, the female passenger, Bucko??? Hmprh.

  8. @ Mighty Afroditee, Well, if you’re willing to strip on planes, you can earn money and see the world. Otherwise, if you had lesbian tendencies, you could have a whale of atime, like us men. If you’re a normal, hetero female, you will get a first hand view of us men having a whale of a time. Does that do it for you?

  9. LOL @ MB you tell her i couldn’t have said it better

  10. I was about the ask the same question that Afrodite asked.

  11. once again – speechless!!!

  12. You know I have to say i sortta agree with you, minus the stripper part…so tired of seeing their old haggard looking women who claim to be air hostess….gravity and time, does them no good…and all the male ones are gay…so im ok with having only the good looking women…so long as they are no naked….

    See I am a supportive member of the brotherhood…

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