A Beautiful Update (or Two)

Well, I think I said that I would let you in on who was the new Miss Guyana when I heard, and I have, and so now I will: The new Miss Guyana is the lovely 16 year old, Candace Charles! Here is her picture.

Still, sixteen seems a bit young for international beauty pageants, doesn’t it? Yeah, she is nice to look at and she looks like she got it going on bodywise, but sixteen! My word! Even seventeen is young, IMHO.

In other news, I noticed that Peter Dean Rickards has a new set of photos up at AfflictedYard.com, the models are nice to look at but as usual, they are posed in unusual ways. As a matter of fact, they have even been posed with a greyish Doberman looking dog, and I am not sure I can say that no animals were harmed in this photoshoot! I mean, what the hell is the lady doing to the dog here? 😯

Its a very strange business! Still, I guess the dog could not have really been in pain, because the girl doesn’t look that muscular, she couldn’t restrain a big dog like that, could she? I am sure that if she had hurt him, he would just have turned around and bit her… and judging from where his head is, the bite would be in a very tender place! 😀

Anyway, I have to run, people, I am in the middle of watching aa DVD. Natty took a cigarette break and so here I am… Well, here I was, for she just crushed out that stinking butt! Me gone. Inna di hours.


7 Responses to “A Beautiful Update (or Two)”

  1. I think 18 should be the age requirement for the miss world, i can’t even feel comfortable to drool at her!

    That girl luck the dog never bite her in that “tender” spot! It took me a while to see the dog, got distracted by her top!

  2. I agree with Stu 16 is just so wrong they encouraging “pedophillic” behaviour …hey Stu see a meking up words too.

    I wish that dog would just bite her …or better yet give me the job let me do it for him … a woullda just bite har yuh see

  3. Mighty Afroditee Says:

    That dog picture doh look too righteous.

  4. the dog lip just flip up.. that dont hurt, I do it to myself all the time :p

  5. lol @ minoramp. You guys. hehe. Well if it’s any comfort the age of consent is 16, so I guess that’s suggesting that it’s ok to drool.

  6. @ gela: yeah but it kinda close bearing in mind that i would not feel comfortable with my kedked ( my daughter) at that age being drooled at by all those rusty tuff back ..like myself.

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