Yesterday, All My Boredom Seemed So Far Away

Man, yesterday was an interesting day still.

I was so intent on checking blogs in the morning that I was nearly late for work. I had to half-dress and then just flash out of the house! I drove down to George Town and made good time, even though I had to be trying to ensure that I kept a low enough profile so that the cops wouldn’t pull me over for speeding. I did pretty well with the sneaky speeding, I think. Look Ma, no tickets! 🙂 

Then I got to town and got held up at an intersection behind a blasted lummox who was talking on his cellie instead of easing out into the oncoming traffic. Of course, you done know that my stress levels shot skyward instantly! The man had me letting off a string of badwords, rasta, but being a man with a modicum of good brought-upsy, I reeled these off only to myself!

Eventually I decided I could wait on the little fasseyhole no more! I pulled in on the guy’s right hand side and was just about to bore past him! When he saw me doing that, he did a bit of dangerous driving to try to ensure I didn’t get to cut in front of him. He succeeded in keeping me behind him but at least I got that fool out of the intersection! Cho! 😡

I got to my company’s parking lot (which is some distance away from the front door) and right there in the parking lot I managed to get to a “75% dressed” state (remember, I was only half-dressed before), with about two minutes to spare before I would be considered late.

Then I got delayed for a bit when a co-worker on his way out of the building stopped me to give me an update on something. All the time he was chatting to me, all I was thinking was, “Will he effing hurry! Doesn’t he realise that I haven’t clocked in yet?”. 😡

Anyway, he finished chatting and I made it to the swipecard pad on time, but only just! At least, I think I did…. 😕

Then at lunchtime, I was on my way back to my office after buying some vittles at Fort Street when I passed a group of women (a big woman (say maybe 40) and about 4 teenager types) arguing with another young woman, maybe she was about 20. I didn’t tarry. I went to the lunchroom at my office and ate, then when I made my way back to my desk, I heard an outcry and saw a bunch of my co-workers at the window.

When I looked out, there were the same women out on the street, fighting. Someone came and grabbed the big woman and pulled her off the 20 year old. The 20 year old walked out into the street where her handbag and some other stuff had fallen, she picked them up, put them on a bench and then she grabbed up a big rock and rushed the big woman and attempted to slap her with it.

Thank God for the people who were on hand to grab her from behind or she would probably be in Northward Prison today! Anyway, the 40 year old and her brood beat a hasty retreat while the victim jumped on her cell phone and screamed bloody murder!

I went back to my desk then, but one of my spies (a co worker who likes to sit on the benches out where all this took place) told me that shortly afterwards, the young woman’s brother drove up. He took one look at his dishevelled sister who was looking rather beat up (I hear she was even bleeding from some deepish scratches on her neck) and he and the sister jumped into his car and they took off after the women who had rushed her. Can anyone say, “Beat Down!”?

I wonder how it all ended?  And how much you bet me that it was a case of the older woman’s husband fooling around with the young lady and the wife/girlfriend and her crew coming to dust her out?!

After that, the rest of the day took a normal turn, something I am glad for since yesterday was month end, which means month end processing at work, and I  prefer when there are no problems at work, star!


6 Responses to “Yesterday, All My Boredom Seemed So Far Away”

  1. Craziness……guess its what keeps life interesting

  2. LOL I saw that woman (with the scratches) while I was waiting in emergency at GT hospital. Pretty big scratches still.

  3. Speeding! lol! What you call speeding ona 25Km road! Well that’s the speed limit I saw when I visited Cayman.

    Man, it’s a pity you didn’t have your camera with you, so we could get some of the visual of the street brawl!

  4. @ Stunner : They have caught people on radar doing 150 miles per hour on some of the straight bits, don’t fool yourself! Them have some fast car and some straight stretches. Thats all you need. Anyway, the speeding I am talking about is just over the 40mph limit. It isn’t all that fast, but the ticket can be expensive, so…

  5. Mighty Afroditee Says:

    Why do I have a feeling that I know who the spy on the bench is??? Tut…tut…tut…no shame at all sah. Makes one wonder what will set people off now’adays!

  6. So what would have been the consequences if you were late?

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