They Can Keep That Foolishness to Themself!

I was taught that you had to put a little firmness into your grip when you shake someone’s hand. You don’t have to try to crush their hand, but a little firmness was necessary. Why? I am not sure exactly, but I think it really has to do with giving a good impression of yourself.

Recently, however, I have been meeting up with a number of people who I have had to shake hands with and trust me, all I got was a little wishy washy, pyaw pyaw handshake with next to no grip at all! And I am not talking about women or Indians (yeah, Indians always give you that type of “dead-fish-in-your-hand” type of grip! I am not fighting the Indians down but I have definitely noticed that the Indians are the master of the wish washy handshake).

No sir, I mean Englishmen and Americans and Canadians! People who you would more worry are going to break all the boned in your hand, and so you set your hand right when you proffer it, and you prepare to grip onto them and then its like you have to draw brakes and back off on your grip before you crush them!

So whats going on? Is social etiquette changing and no one has told me? Its possible, isn’t it? I mean, what with all this madness thats going on in the world nowadays, perhaps people have been modifying their behaviour or something. I don’t knowabout you, but I can tell you, I don’t like those little fenkeh fenkeh handshakes at all and they better not expect me to change my handshake methodology. Dyam foolishness! Cho.


5 Responses to “They Can Keep That Foolishness to Themself!”

  1. Mighty Afroditee Says:

    I got one of those wishy washy handshakes from a woman the udda day, accompanied by a look of total disregard as she looked down her nose at me. Stinkin heifer. Now, she want to mek friend as she new to the island, and deems me to be worthy. I aint fart on she eva since. Stinkin heifer. Was able to sum her up right away.

  2. I hate those wishy washy handshakes myself!

  3. lol @ pyaw pyaw handshake

    I wonder what type I give? I think its time to start paying attention.

  4. lol. OMG.

    Hey, Afrodite is back. Lemme go visit.

  5. tillybummie Says:

    dem pyaw-pyaw feel slimy and nasty; gives me goosebumps, which pisses me off. So, everytime I get one — from man and woman alike — I call them on it, sometimes with a joke – and insist they do it over. The etiquette rules have been relaxed; they didn’t even know they were doing something wrong. And ironically, the fenkey-fenkey shake has nothing to do with class, because most of the people whose hand I shake these days are professionals. So I know is because they were told how to behave in first class on Air Jamaica but never how to shake somebody’s hand properly.

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