Who Will Be The Hottest Caribbean Queen

Miss Trinidad & Tobago World 2007 – Valene Maharaj

Well, I have been posting pictures of the Miss Jamaica World contestants over by The Mad Bull’s Blog, specifically here and here, and from those we can see that we have some irie ladies over there and it looks to be an interesting competition, but we cannot forget that after that competition finishes, Miss Jamaica World faces the real test, ie., the Miss World Competition!

There the eventual winner of the MJW pageant will be pitted against beauties from all around the world. She may or may not do well in that competition, we will just have to see. Still, another thing to remember is that the Miss World pageant crowns Continental Queens of beauty from different regions, one of which is the Caribbean. We need to also consider whether Miss Jamaica World will do well when compared with the other delegates from the Caribbean. It is hard to make that call right now because it seems that many of the delegates from the Caribbean have not yet been chosen, but I will link you up to pictures of those that have been selected so far. Above is the delegate from Trinidad and Tobago. She is indeed a beautiful woman. To see more pictures of her, click here. Still, I am wondering if she isn’t a mawga girl? (too slim) The pictures I have seen suggest that to me. What do you think?

If you want to check out a picture of Miss U.S. Virgin Islands, Esonica Veira, then click here. She is not bad looking either. Unfortunately, this is the only picture of her I have seen.

Here is a picture of Miss Aruba World, Boyoura Martijn.

She is nice looking too, but I am glad that Miss Jamaica will be up against her rather than Miss Aruba Universe or Miss Aruba International (who is the pick of the three, IMHO), as I think she will be less competition for Miss Jamaica.

Check out Miss Bahamas, Anya Watkins! (To the left, to the left) She really beautiful, star! Mmmm mmmmm! A buxom beauty too, it seems. Still, from all the pictures, I can’t see whether her lower half is as nice as her upper half. Its almost like she was posed in a manner that would hide that feature, and I wonder if this was deliberately done. Hmmmm. We will just have to see, won’t we? For more on her, and on the other contestants in the Miss Bahamas World Pageant, click here, brothers and sisters. One thing I can tell you is that Anya came out on top from a very good set of girls! Its like all of them were hot! I would even venture to say that it could be argued that the contestants who were in the Miss Bahamas Pageant were stronger overall than those in the Miss Jamaica World pageant! Or maybe they have better photographers?! Me nuh know, but the girls look hot! What the rest of oonoo think about that?

On to other Caribbean pageant winners. Miss Curacao has been chosen, but I cannot find any pictures of Lisaika Everitz except for the one shown at Global Beauties, which really is too small for us to judge anything. The Miss Guadeloupe World Pageant was also decided and the winner was Nancy Fleurival, but pictures of her are scarce as well. This picture (to the right) is the best I can do. Nancy is the one in the middle, of course. She seems to be quite nice from that picture, but Miss Jamaica should be able to “hangle her”. 🙂 Of course, its dangerous to assume anything based upong looking at just one photo of someone though. Miss Guyana is supposed to get selected tonight, so maybe I will update this post tomorrow with her details, if I can find it. Miss Grenada has been chosen as well, she is Vivian Burkhardt, to read up on her and to view a couple of photos, click here. Finally, it seems that Miss Puerto Rico has also been chosen already too, Here is her picture below.

Unfortunately, all I could find for her was this headshot. Anyway, looking at all these photos, it would seem to me that so far Miss Jamaica’s competition will mainly be coming from Trinidad & Tobago, Puerto Rico and the Bahamas. I feel that the winner from the Dominican Republic will also be a major contender, but that remains to be seen.

Of course, as the other contestants from the Caribbean are selected, you can expect to hear more from me. Until then, fill up de comment box with your views, opinions and thoughts. Peace.


11 Responses to “Who Will Be The Hottest Caribbean Queen”

  1. white girls! :p nope nope none a dem can’t compete except ANYA WATKINS who looks kinda like that girl from CVM’s morning show with less boobage ( anybody remember her name? ). Powell still has my money

  2. You have a girl on CVM that looks like Anya Watkins? Wah? Still sometimes you can look like someone and yet still not look as good as that someone does, know what I mean? Does she look as good as Anya does? That must be nice to wake up to, nuh true, Owen? Even with the less boobage!

  3. ehhhh depends

  4. the image seemed to have disappeared but the link seems to be still there

  5. Ok, I see… She is still nice looking though!

  6. Miss Bahamas look sweet fi real and shi have more than a handfull on top! 🙂 I won’t even mention Peurto Rico and Dominican Republic, dem one deh out fi mad mi!

  7. hey…someone needs to invite you to be a judge for one of these beauty competitions…..that would be your 7th heaven!

  8. […] please have a look at these ladies from Cayman, then go on over to where I spoke to you about the other beauty queens from around the Caribbean and about the Miss Jamaica contestants (here and here) and give me the answer… who will be […]

  9. sheena harding Says:

    anya watkins is a beauty. i think she has a great shape and she is just a beauty queen.i also think she has a grets shot at winning queen of the carribbean.

  10. tillybummie Says:

    miss T & T — looking like she want to be considered for a spread in FHM; did she get a contract?
    Miss Bahamas — these tu-tuts nice (even though she sucking in the gut), but they are not going to blind me to what’s going on in her head…so far, I am not impressed. Lovely smile though.
    The rest of them — steuupppsssss!!!

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