Cave Found in Couple’s Backyard

Now here is an interesting bit of news. A man decided to put a pool in his backyard, but when the diggers started work, they bucked up on a cave! Yes, rasta, a huge chamber filled with chalky boulders. There also appeared to be small adjoining chambers, with pools of of crystal-clear water on one side, and fossils of coral, oyster shells and a conch shell embedded in the roof of the cave. Yes, its interesting. Apparently the guy who wanted to build the pool was initially disappointed but is now quite excited because he thinks this is a big, important find.

If it were me, I would be disappointed still, in fact, I would be vexed! After all, what the hell would I do with a cave? Especially when its a pool I want. ❓

I think I would investigate filling it in with cement and putting the damned pool in anyway. What would you do?


7 Responses to “Cave Found in Couple’s Backyard”

  1. A cave is kind of cool, you could pretending your camping when ever you want to…

  2. well just dropping by to say my blog has moved
    I’m now (hopefully temporarily) at

  3. man get a deal on his land purchase. “with or without cave, spring, pool”

  4. He should put the pool in the cave 🙂

  5. “Welcome to Stunner Caves!” Yes that’s exactly what I would do open a cave tour and a little boutique where I could sell post cards, posters and little souvenirs.

  6. I like what CD said.

  7. I like what CD said too, RI… also, Stunner’s idea has some merit.

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