Interesting Yardie News

The Jamaica Star did a good job with their “Hottie Hottie Girl” yesterday, bwoy! She was a hottie 4real!

Whew! That was a great picture, but it was not good enough to distract me from the fact that the Reggae BoyZ got a MAJOR ass whupping from Iran! Blurd Cleat! 8-1?! God was definitely not on our side that day! What is really going on with the Reggae BoyZ of late though? This newspaper article says that they have lost three of the four games that they played while on their Asian tour! Wow! I really hope that the Reggae BoyZ are not going the way of the West Indies now, yu know! I am not sure I have the strength to handle that!

Oh, and here is the cartoon of the day in the Jamaica Gleaner…

You think the cartoon holds any credence? I mean, in a sane logical world, yes, but in Jamaica? When it comes to politricks, Jamaicans are crazy, you know!


9 Responses to “Interesting Yardie News”

  1. I was disheartened over the football?? score….8:1 mussi more like some odda game. The Reggae Boyz not looking great at all. Been a while since I watched them play at stadium and with what they charge as entry now and results like this I doubtful about attending any live matches….

  2. Yeah, that football score wikid, my yute! (* shakes head *)

  3. The picture of that hottie certainly calmed me down when I started ranting over the humiliating 8-1 defeat of the Reggae boys. I have now categorized the with the WI (Worthless Idiots) team, and will now start ignoring any news about them. Re Jamaican politics, the party that run di most election money and flour will win.

  4. I went and watched the Costa Rica match at the Office. I really thought they would at least draw that one. Hopefully there will be major improvement so they can qualify for next world cup.

  5. experienceaurie Says:

    Di gurl sweet tho! my goodness. oh yea, jamaica lost again in football….so back to the girl….in other news…

    that political cartoon will be reversed in a few years. the incompetence of government is unfortunately normal.

  6. I can never understand why men find these poses so “sexy”. The girl looks like she’s constipated for Heaven’s sake !

  7. Ann c’mon don’t hate so much pleez … nice, MB keep it you on a roll

  8. […] the Jamaica Election blogs. Get your oppinions read. MB you probably gonna have a blast with this Posted by Taylor Filed in Current […]


    LOL @ANN

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