What is Sensimilla?!

So have you ever wondered where the name “sensimilla” came from? In a fit of idleness, I looked it up last night…

1. sensimilla

special breed of marijuana plant that produces no seeds. HIGH quality.

once you smoke sensi, nothing you do will make sense.
by josh love Aug 16, 2004

2. sensimilla

from spanish “sin semilla” which means “without seeds”. who the hell said the term came from california? i didn’t know the spanish language originated in CA but umm okay!

uvas sin semilla (seedless grapes) the spelling of sensimilla is because spanish and english vowels sound different.
by just a white guy florida Mar 25, 2006 email it

3. sensimilla

sensimilla is when any breed of marijuana is kept from being fertilized. Some plants have a strong tendency to be hermapradites and are harder to keep from being fertilized. If there was a breed that just did not have seeds, how would it reproduce?

I kept male plants away from the females and now I have sensimilla.
by Weedgrower Los Angeles, CA Aug 19, 2005

4. sensimilla

diggity dank ass chron chron.

smoke a big spliff of some good sensimilla.
by seeen May 28, 2004

5. sensimilla

High potency weed, originally got its name in California, where the science of growing seedless marijuana evolved, but spread out across the country. Sensemilla is now just seedless marijuana, doesnt have to be from California

This sensi is the strongest shit i ever smoked

The above was taken from a site called “The Urban Dictionary“. Ok, so its a seedless marijuana… and somebody said it was a hermaphrodite! Blood Claat! I thought rastaman was supposed to be all natural and shyt! I thought they were supposed to bun out things like hermaphrodites and gays! And instead, all this time they have been sucking the hell out of a hermaphrodite?!

No, blood! Me lose offa the rastaman dem! 😉

No, I am just kidding! I don’t want no rastaman looking for me to chop me up wid no machete! 😀

Speaking of chopping people up, remember I mentioned this lady who had her hand chopped off the same weekend those fasseyholes jumped me? Well, they had a story on her in the local news. Seems that the doctors in the U.S. were able to reattach her hand successfully, despite the fact that they were not able to begn the operation as quickly as they would have liked. They say that usually, for things to work out well, they would have to reattach the arm within 12 hours, but in this lady’s case, they weren’t able to begin the operation until about 19 hours after the incident.

It is not a sure thing that she will recover full use of the hand but things are looking promising, ie. the lady was able to wiggle her fingers and so on pretty quickly. The U.S. doctors credited the local doctors for how they “prepared” the arm or whatever you would call it. They say that the arm arrived in perfect condition and so things are looking good now. I just want to give all the doctors involved a “big up”, but especially the local doctors, because people like to disparage the doctors on island sometimes. Big up, Doctor(s).


12 Responses to “What is Sensimilla?!”

  1. The good ole’ sensi! Well one thing for sure they all meen high grade seedless weed!

    It’s great they could reattach her arm. The ay after i went on some dangerous rides at an amusement part I heard on the news that a girl got both her legs chopped off on one of those free-fall rides. I hope they can re attach hers.

  2. Where was this, Stunner, New York? Are you back already?

  3. Campfyah Says:

    all this time and yuh now looking uth see wha sensimilla mean? Yuh looking tuh grown or smoke some?

    anyhow just shooting yuh out..it’s been a while

  4. would you believe i smoked the damn thing for aprrx 30 mths.. stopped cause i had to buy it ….don’t think it was worth the money.

  5. @ Campfyah! Hi! Long time no see!

    @ Minoramp : Why not just say 2 and a 1/2 years. Thats easier to judge the length of time of than 30 months.

  6. @ MB thats the trick dude thats the trick… 😀

  7. I think it happened in New Jersey. No I’m still in NY.

  8. all of a sudden my hand start to hurt me 😦

  9. Mad Bull — ya never heard Black Uhuru’s “Sinsemilla?”

  10. northern lights sensi is the best

  11. I don’t think you were paying attention, mon. Sensi is not a hermaphrodite. If you love the weed, then KNOW the weed. Hermaphrodites have both male and female flowers and can fertilize themselves. They can have self-sex in order to reproduce.

    Sensi is an unfertilized female…it’s a VIRGIN my friend, at least until you hit it and pass it to your friends.

    And, just for your info, hermaphrodites ARE all-natural. It happens all the time in nature…and even when it happens in a lab, well, a plant is still a plant, right?

  12. It’s “sinsemilla”, not “sensimilla”. From the Spanish: “sin” = “without” “semilla” = “seeds”

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