Friday Nite…

Here is the story of what happened to me on Friday night, told in 60 words or less, as inspired by the website, “Pan in 60“.

They inveigled me to go back to the bar where the three guys cleaned my clock recently. “We’ll be there!”, they said. “They won’t try anything if you have your crew… they’re punks.”. Then, when I turned to buy a drink, they left. Without a word! They just left me there! Damn!

Never rely on drunk guys you work with.


9 Responses to “Friday Nite…”

  1. hehe, they set you up.

  2. You know it! Is frock tail they were chasing, you know! I was so pissed about it! It only takes four words… “We ah lef’ now.”

    I’m ok now though… just know not to rely on them again. 😐

  3. lol lol lol lol lol.. if you could revive em after you’ld kill em all wouldn’t you.. them friends be evil man.

  4. Look like they had a betting pool running, on the second round and some how i don’t think the odds where in your favour.

  5. lol sounds like my friends :p did you expect any better?

  6. […] was the weekend for you? Bwoy, you can read about mine here and here and indeed, here in this post. Yesterday was sort’ve cloudy, as I have mentioned […]

  7. that was a great synopsis, shysters left you…oh if it were me they would never ever hear the end of it

  8. LOL! You did get setup! Nice 60 worder.

  9. oooooooooooh!!!!!! they following frock tail …the scent of the hunt got to them …damn

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