Eight Random Things

So fyrfli over at The fyr place… tagged me. It looks like fun, and so, here goes nothing.

The game is thus:

  1. Players start with 8 random facts about themselves
  2. Those who are tagged should post these rules and 8 random facts about themselves
  3. Then tag 8 other people and notify them that they have been tagged

Right … 8 random facts about myself? Ha!

  1. I had stewed turtle for lunch on Friday. It cost me eleven bucks CI. It is on the menu at many restaurants here. It was pretty good, it tasted like stewed beef.
  2. My two favourite comic books were “Conan the Barbarian” and “The Adventures of Asterix“.
  3. I am currently using an nice little web browser called “Maxthon“. It has been downloaded way more times than Mozilla Firefox, and yet today is the first I have ever heard of it.
  4. I fantasize about trying parasailing though perhaps I never will.
  5. I used to go for longish drives (say 30 to 40 miles or so, though occasionally longer excursions are nice too) to different places on a Sunday morning with Natty. It was nice to do that when I lived in Jamaica. There were so many different places to drive to. Up in the hills… on the flats… in poor areas… bad areas… nice neighbourhoods and top notch ones… by the seaside…. etc. There isn’t much scope for that here in Cayman. There are only so many different places to drive to here before you start retracing your steps. 😐
  6. I wish I was able to read minds and that I was able to defend myself using mind control, like was displayed in the movie “Scanners”. If I did have that ability, I’d like to think I’d only use them for good though.
  7. I just found CI$60 in my jeans pocket! I also just got a cheque for US$140 from the health insurance people and I totally wasn’t expecting it! I am beginning to think that this is a lucky period for me. 🙂
  8. From time to time, I spend time with my son writing stories on the computer. How we do it is like this: He will come up with a theme for the story, perhaps say who some of the characters are. I will then write an opening sentence / paragraph. He will then write a sentence / paragraph, following on from what I wrote. I will then write the next bit, based upon what he and I have already written, and on and on we will go, until we get bored. We did that today, in fact. I will give you our little story below.

There you have it. Eight random facts about myself. I tag Revolution Island, Seven, Taylor, Abeni, Dutchie, Cranky Putz, Owen and Marangand. Hopefully these people will all take part in this little game.

Below is the story that MBJr. and I created today… today’s theme was “Doing something exciting by the sea”.

“Do you want to go ride on a jetski?”, I asked MBJr. “Ok!”, he replied. I went to go rent the jetski, never suspecting what a wild ride this was going to be.”Hey, wait up!”, Alan and Derwin (a couple of MBJr.’s friends) called out from the distance. They came along too. I leaned down and told MBJr., “No way am I paying for an extra jetski for them to drive, so I will drive one and you will have to drive the other one. Derwin can ride with me and Alan can ride with you, seen?”. MBJr. sighed. “I wanted Derwin to ride with me.”, he said. “Fine, then!”, I said.

Of course, when I got the two jetskis, Alan, being the little troublemaker that he is, did not want to go along with the plan. “I want to ride with MBJr., and also, I want to drive!”, he said. “Never in a million lifetimes!”, I replied. “MBJr. drives, and you ride with me. Like it, or lump it!”. “Right!”, MBJr. started,”It was my idea to go with Derwin, you know.”. “Ok, ok.”, said Alan. We all climbed aboard the jetskis and we took off.

As soon as we reached the deep water, “I heard Derwin shout, “Watch out, Mr. Mad Bull! Alan has a gun! He is drawing it now! Aaaarrrrgggghhhh!”. ” MBJr. took out his gun and used a bullet to knock the gun out of Alan’s hands. Then I heard MBJr. say
to Alan, “You’re lucky I didn’t aim at your head!”. “Hah!”, cried Alan, as he drew another gun out. MBJr. wasn’t expecting this, nor was anyone else, so Alan was able to shoot the gun out of MBJr.’s hand! Then he threw his hand around my throat and put the gun to my head and he said, “Okay, Mr. Mad Bull, I am in control of this jetski. Stop it now and let me drive or I will put a slug right through your head!”.

MBJr. drew out his other gun and aimed it at Alan’s head.”Don’t make me do it!”,he said. “Fine!”, Alan said throwing his gun in the water. MBJr. put up his gun and said, “Ok, now lets just have a nice, fun ride on the jetskis. No one do anymore stupidness, I’m warning you!”. I said, “Ok, but you just wait, Alan! I am going to tell your mom that you were a bad boy out here while we were riding the jetskis!”.

So we started out again, and as we were riding along, Derwin shouted out again. “Mr. Mad Bull, watch out! There seems to be a shark right on your tail, and its HUGE!!!!”. I said, “Don’t worry, Derwin. This is a Yamaha 1300 with a supercharged, turbocharged engine and its capable of achieving over 85 knots per hour. Lets see if that little stupid shark can beat that!”. But it did! So Allan and I had to jump over board since there were eight of them.

“Swim for it!”, Derwin shouted, as MBJr. turned his jetski to go over and pull Alan and I out of the water. Alan looked behind him, saw how close the eight sharks were and screamed, “Hurry up! They are closing in on us!”. I looked over my shoulder and saw the lead shark, right upon us, jaws gaping wide as it came in to mow us down! “Bang bang!”, I heard! “Bang Bang!”. I looked the other way and saw that MBJr. had pulled his gun agand and had fired four shots, all of which found their mark in the center of the sharks brain. It veered away, and slowly sank below the surface. now we only had to worry about the other seven sharks, and the thing is, MBJr. only had a few shots left!

This is where we lost interest today… actually, MBJr. lost interest at this point. This lack of interest co-incided with the start of one of the cartoons he likes. Perhaps we will finish the story… perhaps not. Hope you liked it.


6 Responses to “Eight Random Things”

  1. Gela the city dweller Says:

    lol. Why am I laughing over that story. Sounds like what I like to call ‘boy comics’ – could actually imagine it with the pictures.

    Hey you should try parasailing. I’ve tried it. Was scared since I hate heights but I would do it again.

  2. Will try:)

  3. I hate memes with a passion

    1. I have a collection of phone cards from back in 1992. OCD
    2. I have a weakness for sweetness
    3. I take a very long time to make big decisions. I have to weigh the options.

  4. @ Gela : I will give it some thought.

    @ Kami : Kewl.

    @ Owen : Ok, man, no worriez! 🙂

  5. You should def keep all these stories so he can see them when he gets older…..also a very interesting way to bond, enough Fathers dont too much of that…hence a big fathers day to you, i see you were treated nice, praying for the treatment to continue :-), will try the meme

  6. My first real tag….i think I may actually do this.

    I love long drives too..

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