The Weekend So Far

It is now Sunday. I saw where Gela had passed through one of my blogs and complained bitterly that there had been no post so far. Well, I have the remedy fi dat! Word!

This Friday night was a milestone of sorts… no, its not that it was so fabulous, what was significant about it was that it was the first Friday for the year that I did not drink ANY alcohol! Can you imagine? What a dry, dusty Friday it was too!!! 🙂

Nah, I’m just kidding. It wasn’t so bad, and I made up for that alcohol shortage on Saturday night, so…

Friday night was also interesting because there was a “Trinidad vs. Jamaica” matchup that night. As I mentioned elsewhere, Bunji Garlin and Oscar B. (the Trinis) were having a concert on Cardinall Ave. and Anthony B. and Munga Honorebel (the Jamaicans) were to have been at the Lion’s Centre as well, on the same Friday night. As I also mentioned, Natty did not stamp my “road license” for the night so the Mad Bull wasn’t able to monitor the nights events personally, but a couple of people I met suggested that Anthony B. and Munga were blown out of the water! “If there were ten people in the venue, there were plenty!”, said my gas station attendant. A Jamaican lady I work with also said the same thing. Neither person left the show to see how Bunji and Oscar B. were getting on though, so my comments are rather one sided so far. If I hear more later, I will update you via the comments.

The stuff below, I wrote after I got home last night…

Bwoy, I just got home. I have been out on the road a lot today. In the morning, went to buy some new tires for the car. I was advised to ride it out some more on the same tires by the tire guys, so didn’t change them. Went back home.

Went back out again to look at some land I am contemplating buying. The land is covered with bush so you really can’t get an idea as to whether it is enough to put a house on and still have a nice sized garden, but hey, it is just over a quarter of an acre, so it should be ok. The piece of land is right beside the main road, which is a negative, but it IS a fair bit closer to George Town than where I am living now as well, which is a definite plus! For most things that one has to do, one has to drive into George Town, and gas prices are fucking astronomical, Iyah! CI$4.15 for an imperial gallon?! The only thing worse that could happen is for the sky to fall on my head, to backside!

When I got back home, I heard that a bredrin of mine (the same one who offered me the pit bull puppy recently) was in a car accident. Was he ever! That car was TOTALLED! Let me hasten to add, he wasn’t driving! Still, looking at the car, its a miracle that they are alive. Haven’t been to see him yet, but Natty and I took his daughter out with MBJr. to distract her so that her Mom could stay with my bredrin at the hospital. That was the longest trip out on the road for the day. We left my house about 1:30pm and we didn’t get back until after 10:00pm.

We went to see Pirates of the Caribbean 3 (At Worlds End) tonight. That was part of the “distraction” process. Yow!!! That movie is DUMB!!! I was laughing lots in it still, because really, it is a joke! Oh my God! My recommendation for that movie is, if you really feel you must see it, then wait for the DVD. You’ll waste less money. It is another of those sequels that they have made that suggests it is better not to make sequels! The thing is, the way it ended, we can probably expect YET ANOTHER movie in the same series.

Then I saw that they are making a Die Hard 4 when I was in the movie theatre!!? Bwoy, I hope this Die Hard features Bruce Willis’ son as the hard guy, because it might not be so believable otherwise.

Man, it looks like Hollywood has run totally out of ideas! Its like, we might as well bomb Hollywood and switch all our attention to Bollywood, know what I mean?! Cho, man!

Now its Sunday morning. I haven’t really done much for the day as yet, and I don’t know how its going to turn out yet either, so instead of regaling you with my plans for the day, I think I will leave you with a question, kind of like is done frequently over at that site we all know and love, Owensoft dot net (By the way, I have posted a question over there as well, so go and check it out!) Still, this is one of the Mad Bull’s blogs and I am known to be a bit of a chatter bloggerbox, so I will take a little while to get to the question.

Yow! Check out these photos:

Doesn’t Miss Mexico look hot?! Yeah, boy, she pretty and she shape right! Shes a hot tamale! As you can tell, I do have an eye for the ladies. You didn’t know? Well, welcome to my site, newcomer… Go through my archives and you will quickly get the picture… 😉

In another life, I used to go out with this psycho girl. She was crazy, but she knew how to rock my world! Still, she was jealous nuh bitch and she used to go crazy whenever she caught me looking at another woman. This was a frequent occurrence, because my eyes are simply drawn to beauty like a magnet is to steel! The relationship was understandably short lived therefore. Lets call her “Lady Green”, shall we?

Anyway, one day, Lady Green and I went out. Another lovely lass entered the venue and our eyes made four. Lady Green spotted the lass checking me out and she commented on it! “Watch that likkle whore nuh? When she see you, she just light up! She nuh see say you have somebody?!”, she said. The lovely lass kept looking at me, apparently, because I got a running commentary on how often she was checking me out and on the virtue of her mother, her sisters, her brothers and herself! A little later, I spotted the young miss again, and as I was giving her a furtive once over, she looked in my direction, saw me looking and smiled. Lady Green (who had eyes like a hawk) spotted that exchange as well! “Hey, I hope you not looking at her, you know!”, she said. “You know what! I know you are nothing but a fucking dawg and you can’t help yourself! If I see her look at you ONE MORE TIME, I am going to go over there and scratch her eyes out! Since I can’t stop you, I going make sure that she is too afraid to do anything!”. Since I knew that Lady Green was more than willing to do exactly what she threatened, I thought it prudent to leave the venue shortly after that.

This leads me to my question: What do you think is an appropriate response to a significant other who has roving eyes? Give me some feedback nuh? Show me some love!


11 Responses to “The Weekend So Far”

  1. Gela Words Says:

    Only read half way cuz Moms on messenger harassing me so will read the rest later. Have to say this though, the Cayman peeps prefer a soca party to a reggae party? Mek sure yu find out how the soca party go.

    Buying land in Cayman? I take it you plan to sell when you have to leave when your 7 years up. Will it be easy to sell back?

  2. Gela Words Says:

    Well, if the person just innocently admiring, like I could have a boyfriend, and still be able to appreciate that another person is a real eye-candy, it’s fine. If he’s not disrespectful to me while doing it, yu know, he doesn’t make me feel uncomfortable, and he’s not being sneaky with it, and I know that’s all there is to it, I’m fine. I’ll look too and agree/disagree with his assessment.

  3. Say Wah? Says:

    Miss Mexico: Esta fantastico! Que linda!

    Your question about a significant other with roving eyes is both amusing and rhetorical. I bow to your greatness that you were so in charge of Lady Green that she would attack the object of your desire, rather than you. I dare say that should Natty develop a green streak, it is your head she would be boxing. Internet pictures are one thing but, trading flirtatious glances with a cutie in the same room is likely to end badly for you.

    My own feeling is that the roving one should be set free. If they want to rove, then they must not want to be with me and therefore, I don’t want them with me. Gwan!

    But, if God never meant for us to look, he wouldn’t have given us eyes!

  4. @ Say Wah : Ahhh! Keep using that exact email addy if you like, see that comment went thru with no intervention from me.

    @ Gela : I hope it would be easy to sell back if I decide to do so. When I decide to sell it, there should be a house on it, which would increase the value. If its not easy to sell it though, there is always renting it out.

  5. What Gela said…LOL.

    There is a difference between admiring beauty and ogling. Ogling is disrespectful, but if my sig. other sees a goodlooking girl and comments on it, I can appreciate (or not) her beauty as well. Blatantly staring at another chick like she was a well done porkchop is another story.

  6. I don’tmind the looking,asa matter of fact we can discuss if she look ready or not.Nuten ent wrong with looking of such

  7. I had already planned to watch Pirates on my tv, that’s big screen enough for this movie!
    I totally agree with you, Hollywood has certainly run out of ideas, I too had to blog about it some time ago.
    Miss Mexico hot nuh 10 fyah side!’

  8. its like that ben e king song. “you can dance, you can dance with the guy that give you the eye but save the last dance for me”

  9. “Whats good for the goose, is good for the gander.” I dont mind a man checking women out if I can check out the fellas as well. Funny, most men dont go for that – LOL!

  10. Oh I meant to say that I just LOVE the Caymans! Theyre one of my favorite countries in the WI.

  11. tillybummie Says:

    I like the “porkchop” comment — anybody can look and admire, but it seems like you had given yourself quite some time to imagine what Ms. Eye Candy looked like butt naked. That’s a no-no and that’s part of what Lady Green was responding to. LG seems rather childish and insecure by the way. The way to engage that is to take the mickey out of your ogling… If the person catches your eye – chances are, they caught your lover’s eye too. Admire — that takes all of 5 seconds — and get on with the business, even if it means both of you fantasizing about sleeping with Ms Eye Candy or what she really looks like when she’s not treating the world like a runway.

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