In Training…

I just did 3 sets of crunches. I need to start doing some serious abdominals, rasta, every day! Plenty of push ups too, but those will have to wait until the shoulder I fell on and that spot between my shoulder blades where they kicked me stops aching. By say Wednesday, maybe some weights at the gym again as well, including some dumbell curls and military presses… gotta get more in shape. (* cue Rocky music here… nah, just kidding *) 🙂
The facial swellings should go down fairly quickly, the blood shot look in my eye is not serious, its just slight bruising of the eyeball apparently, no bones were broken and the aches and pains are easing up somewhat.
I don’t plan to go looking for those punks at all, but if I do get attacked again and if I see them coming next time, I plan to be in a position to give a better account of myself, trust me!
In the meanwhile, go check out this cute youtube movie of a dog doing some Rocky style training… click on the link below.


28 Responses to “In Training…”

  1. Gela Words Says:

    Lawd, is who attack yu MB?

  2. Say Wah? Says:

    Smaddy attacked you? In Cayman? Come man, out with it. What happened? Who are the punks? Why are you being so coy and passive about the whole thing?

    Working out at the gym for a later attempt only works in the movies. In real life, you get you ass beat twice. If retribution is in order, the time is now! That’s what friends and cops is for. But, if MB started a lickle someting at the rum bar and took lick then, full disclosure cleanses the soul at least.

    Me wan know bout dis cause, I don’t want to see no trouble makers come onto the scene in Cayman.

  3. Three dutty bwoy. They jumped me and they dust me out proper… Reason? I touched this guys beer and he started to pick a fight. He then chucked me. I chucked him back, then pinned him against the wall, expecting that the next move would be the bar’s workers coming over to break things up… really prefer to avoid a fight nowadays, you know. Next thing, three other guys jump in and it was pure thump and kick after that. 😦

  4. WHAT????????????? Who are they? I’m gonna KILL them!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. […] mention that Friday gone was a pretty violent night here in Grand Cayman. Of course there was my incident, but much worse things took place as well! The the first homicide of the year occurred that night. […]

  6. What you say Madbull… you want me to come spit on dem?!!!! Dem must be mad fi bodda mi baby brodah!! Take good care of your self though Madbull..dem people sound like dem don’t have no upbringing or respect for anyone else. Hopefully you will be feeling fit as a fiddle again soon. Love ya!

  7. @ Seven: Jus’ cool, Seven.

  8. Frankly, I’m having to keep reminding myself that I’m a Christian! I am thinking of ways to send some of my yutes from “Piece” to take care of these fassy hole idiots. Anyways, I guess the poor sod needed three people to take you down Bro! I’m praying REALLY hard for a spirit of forgiveness here… Do you think that 70 yr. old man has any spare time???

  9. Gela Words Says:

    Yeah MB, all o’ 3 men needed fo’ just you? Then wha going to happen when you get rocky-like?

    But seriously though, that’s rough man. Yu took some time off work to recover? Nuff hushes.

    Lawd people can be so cruel though. What happen to leaving two men to duke it out fair and square if there has to be a fight, parting them before they kill each other, rather than ganging up on one person?

  10. Gela Words Says:

    No police involvement?

  11. @ Gela – No I don’t need time off, yes I have reported it to the police.

  12. @ Say Wah : No, I didn’t start it. Perhaps the guy who started throwing punches thought I had started it, thats the only explanation I can see, because he didn’t seem like that sort of guy to me. Perhaps he turned around and saw me pinning his friend against the wall and he didn’t realise his friend had started the shoving first, though I sort’ve doubt it. If the other guys who jumped in were a part of his crew though, well I guess he is like that, isn’t he?
    Retribution is in order, but it is a bit senseless. See, if I get a crew and go beat the guy, then afterwards he will round up a crew and return the favour. I am not really planning to do anything about it, Say Wah, and most certainly not with friends. If I am just left alone after all this, its all good.
    @ Ciya : Yeah, I should be perfect again real soon.

  13. @ Say Wah again… you realise you were one of the first commenters on this post and your comment only showed up when I logged in and saw it and released it? Why don’t you create an email address that you use only when commenting on blogs. That way, after I unblock you a couple of times, Askimet will learn that you are a good guy and your comments will just go through, much like Gela’s do.

  14. Say Wah? Says:

    Alright, I understand the situation now. Not good at all! The place full up wid eediat and then dem go get drunk and start fight. The bar staff should definitely have been involved. I guess that you were without a crew of your own. Very sorry for your trouble.

    But, I think you have chosen the correct course of action. Involve the police (probably worthless but still), complain to the proprietors of the bar(three eediats beating up on one man should not be welcomed back) and forgo the retribution because, as you said, it will only escalate into a worse situation.

    But, nothing stops you from wishing evil upon them and karma is a funny thing. 😉 Tires run flat, work permits aren’t renewed, girlfriends dump them, they pick fight and get their ass handed to them… Unfortunately you don’t always get the satisfaction of seeing karma’s backlash.

    Get well soon.

    P.S. I’ll take the email thing under advisement. I’m a lazy…

  15. or they simply disappear…

  16. PBRC MB! Unu take de cake! Yu give we plenty entertainment with chat bout loading software an watching TV? Pure nerd talk! Then you get beat up by a Posse of four yout. Kicked on the floor! Rass man, dat is action city… and then you come with this story in likkle dribs an drabs. Come man, tell we de whole ting, front to back! We not judging you though, just whan hear de whole truth.

  17. PBRC MB!!! LOL!
    I went to the bar to buy some tokens to play some pool. I rested my beer bottle on the bar and took out the money, and gave it to the hot mami. While waiting on the tokens, I leaned against the bar and put my hand back on the beer bottle. All of a sudden, I hear this yte :”Wait, blood! What you doing with my beer!”. I didn’t even look around, didn’t know he was talking to me. He said it again, this time tapping me on the shoulder. I glanced down at the bar and realised that I had my hand on his beer bottle, not mine! I realised that he was pissed about that, but couldn’t at the time understand why. (I now believe that he thought I had been drinking his beer). Since he was pissed and because I am a peaceful person, I apologised for touching his beer. He pressed the issue, gabbling on about me and his beer. I apologised again. He became more truculent, gabbling on about me and his beer. I leaned forward a bit (getting a bit annoyed myself now) and repeated that I was sorry for touching his beer. He pushed me. Now I am not accustomed to accepting such behaviour. I pushed him back. I realied that the next thing would probably be him starting punching so after shoving him, I pushed forward, shoving him back into the wall and holding him there. Without even planning it, my left hand went to his throat, so my last shove must have restricted his breathing somewhat. Anyway, just as I was considering what next I should do to try and tone this shit down, WHAPPPPP! Whap, whap! Three right hooks, all from a guy who is about 3 inches bigger than I am, and who I wasn’t having any issue with. Since I wasn’t expecting them, I took no evasive actrion at all. Full force punches. Then a guy ran in from my left and he started punching too. I think he produced the biggest swelling (left cheek. Its almost gone now though). Then another guy rushes in from behind me, to my left.. He startts throwing punches too, but I don’t think he got off more than one, as at that point, I fell down. Landed on my right shoulder. The two guys who ran in from my left then started kicking me. Am not sure if the guy who threw the first punches kicked me as well, I was just trying to ride it out/get back up. Anyway, shortly after the kicking started, they turned on the lights in the bar. The guys dispersed immediately. I got up, grabbing on to one of the guys feet as I did so. As I stood up, it was my intention to keep holding his foot while giving him an american football style tackle, thus flooring him, but then I realised that they had actually stopped the beating, and I figured that if I did that, they might rush me again, so I decided to chill. I turned to the big guy who had started the punching and I asked him what problem he and I had, whay he saw fit to rush me like that. He didn’t answer. A bar worker finally arrived, getting between us. I walked around him, asking the big guy the same question. He didn’t answer again. The bar worker advised me to wash out my mouth (the lips were cut when one of the punches smashed them against my teeth… not too deep, and they are healing nicely). I was trying to control my anger at this point, and I realised that it wouldn’t be smart to try to rush them just then, so I went and washed out my mouth. I then went outside the bar. By this time, many many people had left the bar. Many of them were cusring about the whole thing, calling the guys inside the club a bunch of punks for three of them rushing one man. The owner (at least, I think it was the owner) came out and was talking to me. I asked him what hewas going to do about the whole affair. He asked me what I wanted him to do about it. I told him that since three people had attacked me in hs club, he should call the cops and have them arrested. He said some crap about not seeing it, he would have to find out what had happened. I then left his establishment in disgust.
    I decided to still go to the Richie Spice concert, since I wasn’t feeling too bad and since I was too hyped up to just go home, and I am glad I did. Its like the concert purged me of all sorts of evil thoughts. Perhaps if I had not gone there, I might have pursued some of them.
    Next morning, I went to the police and reported it, and to the hospital to see if I was ok, and to find out what the pain in my back was. (sharp pain experienced whenever moving my right hand as I would to turn a steering wheel, or when I sneeze, or when I lie on my right side, leaning on my right elbow. Apparently this is muscular. It should soon pass). Thats about it, Fireflyky.

  18. You know what bun me too? I didn’t even land one punch! 😦

  19. Gela Words Says:

    Ok, lemme go get some popcorn before ah read MB’s reply to fire.

  20. Gela Words Says:

    But Jeezas! You went straight to a concert after? Not hospital and police? Natty must have been hysterical when she saw the state you were in when you got home. I would have been.

  21. Thanks MB, jesting aside, I know it must be difficult to talk about it. Just glad Richie didnt inspire you to do your own version of “Earth a run red”.

  22. Did I say PBRC? I meant BRP BLuuuud C! ROTFLMAO, Glad you understood.

  23. @ Gela : Yeah, I got off lucky! At least none of the punks drew a knife!

    @ all : Wait?! Is beat I have to get beat up to get 22 comments on a post on this blog or wah? 🙂

  24. At first I actually check seh a joke u was a run…maybe I shudda gie de man a call!

  25. It aint a joke, I saw the bull about 36 hours after the Bullfight.

  26. […] have to go through the how-to on winning a street fight! Man, if I had only read this stuff before my little incident of a couple of months ago! Whooeee! I would probably have kicked some butt! Ok, ok, I know that this doesn’t necessarily […]


  28. […] Then we left “The Office” and went to “DLK” – the same bar by Dump Road where I was ganged some time ago. The place did ram! Nuff nuff ppl, all crowding the place and outting on some dancing. Natty and I […]

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