Miss Universe 2007

Interesting show, wasn’t it? I thought so anyway… Lets see, I picked five girls who made it into the top 15, and one of the girls I picked came second! Never mind that I thought she should have won and the winner never made my top 16 at all… I think I still did pretty well!

Congratulations to Miss Japan. Oh, so sorry, Miss Brazil! Console yourself knowing that I would have picked you for my Miss Universe, and of course, thats really all that counts! 😉 .

So sorry Miss Jamaica, you did well anyway and the Jamaican people should be proud of you. So sorry, Miss USA, that you fell down like that! You really kept your composure well, I am proud of you. Congrats to Miss Tanzania! You would have made MY top 5… Probably Miss Angola too!

Bwoy… I can’t get over the way that this competition turned out…. this one was a sort of a shocker still…. Jeepers! 😯


8 Responses to “Miss Universe 2007”

  1. Okay – a disastrous result! Miss Japan????????????? Look how many other beautiful women were contenders? MB and I were in agreement on Miss Brazil – should have won for sure!!! Miss Venezuela was FAR more beautiful than Miss Japan!!!
    As for Miss Korea and Miss Tanzania – clearly we all need to donate several Big Macs to their cause!!!!! I’m into being as thin as the next person, but for God’s sake – food is God’s plan for good health!!!
    All I can say – something was seriously amiss with the vote tonight!!! And the judges’ questions – what was up with that??? This was a huge disappointment- Anyways – Gotta Go – telling my niece why “W” is such an idiot – so gotta go show the background – Latahs!!!

  2. The questions were really out of whack. Strange and shallow. I liked Miss Korea. Miss Angola was nice and Miss Tanzania. The networks have been showing Miss USA’s fall over and over and over. I like her composer as well. They actually booed her at the question round…fassies.

  3. My fav moment was USA’s fall, there should be more falls, its more entertaining, and those dresses were hideous.

  4. Miss Angola should have won,i dont know why miss japan won they was absolutely nothing special about her and most of the other contestants looked like drags.

  5. Not to be too controversial but maybe Jamaica should revert back to the old standard of beauty in choosing it’s representatives in order to have some success.

  6. Miss USA is certainly skilled. I’m not sure HOW, but she got up before I could really even savor the fall – all in high heels and a tight dress.

    They should make Falling In A Pageant dress an olympic sport, cause Jah know it tek some kind of skill.

  7. PepperJuice Says:

    Simplenigma, I totally agree with you. Miss USA must have had some sort of silicone in her ass, because when she fell she literally bounced back up. Now that’s real talent there. As for an olympic sport, the gold goes to….you guessed it. Miss USA.

  8. Renee Plummer Says:

    This is for Ms/Mr Jamaican/Canadian – bet you are a light skin black -(Did you know that most light skin black people are products of rape by their white masters…are you proud of that heritage) Get real this is the year 2007 and beauty comes in many forms…God made everyone beautiful and that is the truth…Emancipate yourself from mental slavery…

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