Touched By Ivan

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Now here is an interesting little house on the beach… its up by East End. Its deserted now… as you can see, Ivan screwed around with this house royally! Still, you can tell that it was probably a really nice place before Mr. Ivan came to visit, at least, I think so.

I guess I am partial to these houses that are raised up from the ground like that. Perhaps its because they just look different, and sometimes when something is not what you’re accustomed to, they seem more interesting, nuh true? It does look like it was a cool, relaxing place to be though. I can imaging sitting on the verandah up there on the side towards the sea, with the sea breeze blows gently and the soothing sounds of the waves breaking gently upon the shore lulling you into a little nap. Ahhhh…. Very nice.

I don’t know that I put much store in the iguana migration theory still. Perhaps the iguanas have always been in these areas, but because there is so much construction (and the attendant deforestation) in these areas now, people are seeing more of the iguanas up there.

It really is pretty hot nowadays though! I think that is more likely to be a harbinger of the onslaught we might be facing than the iguana sightings…

I really hope we don’t get hit by a big hurricane this year…

Anyway, enough of the “living in fear” thing! I have up a post on things happening in Jamaica over the last week, its over by the Tower of Babel, perhaps you should go and check it out

Peace and love, my bredrins. (friends)


3 Responses to “Touched By Ivan”

  1. i can’t see the pic – something to do with my pc again, i guess but i assume its a house on stilts, kind of? when i see those, i think EARTHQUAKES – YIKES! 🙂

  2. Great picture…I’ll bet sitting on the verandah was nice.

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