I looked through a set of pics on this photographer’s website this morning. The photographer, named Boogie, shot a set of pics on some crack addicts. Bwoy, when I look at how these people are living, I realise I don’t have any problems. Not any worth quarrelling about, anyway. Boogie says, “I guess hopelessness is what I am trying to capture.”. Well, I think he has definitely showcased that very well.

Hear what! I am going to go drink some coffee, get dressed, hug up Natty and trot off to work. While I am doing that, a whole heap of people are doing whatever they can to get another hit off the crack pipe. I feel bad for them… at the same time, Looking at pictures such as these when I am feeling down is therapuetic, in that they make me feel good about myself… not that I am feeling down today still, but I link them here so I can find them easily for just such a day. How do you feel when you look at those pictures?

The link to that photographer’s site was via the Afflicted Yard blog which is also done by a photographer. He has up a link to a set of photos of another of his skinny girls. They look good, the only problem with them is how mawga (flipping skinny) they are. I assume he pays these models…. I hope she uses the money she made to go to Burger King or Kentucky, rasta…

He has a nice little Dobermann still.


3 Responses to “Hopelessness”

  1. Scary stuff, how people addicted and ruin their lives….

  2. hmm.. makes you wonder exactly how good that stuff is? lol don’t worry i’m not that curious to try.

    How bad is 2nd hand crack pipe smoke for you? I remember walking threw a few clouds when I was working in New Kingston..

  3. I am from Trinidad, I remember one time, some guys were smoking some weed on the block, not too far from my home. I was sitting outside and I was smelling that shit in the air, real strong; I was like….shit, let me go inside before i get high.

    I can’t say i ever got close enough to anyone that i know was on crack. But I have seen on the TV, the danger it can do. All I can say, anyone who uses it, is really brave…or stupid.

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