The Dread and the Baldhead

So I dropped by Global Beauties to check out what Zahra’s competition looked like. There are some pretty pretty daughters in the competition, bwoy! I wouldah deh wid ’bout 90% of them!

Anyway, I tried doing my due diligence by checking out as many pictures of each of them as I could find so that I could come up with a “Mad Bull’s Top Ten” for you. Yeah, I know, its a very hard job, backbreaking work really, but it had to be done! What would you all do if I didn’t give you my top ten, right? 🙂

What I have found is that my top ten may well not be accurate because of a paucity of pictures. As such, I think that for now, I will give you my top fifteen, because its sort of hard to pare people out of the list when you can’t get enough photos to be sure, see what I am saying? Before I give you the top fifteen, though, let me give you a couple of little gifts.

First of all, I give you the dread, Zahra Redwood, posing in a swimsuit! Not bad, eh? Not bad at all!

Next up, I give you the bald head, Flaviana Matata, Miss Tanzania! She pretty, ent? Yah mon, she pretty fi real! I know plenty people don’t like the look of a woman without hair, you know. Personally, I prefer when there is even a little bit of hair, but there is something about a black woman who wears her hair natural but low cut… when you see a really pretty one with her hair like that… well, lets just say I can think of around ten of them like that who have got my engine really revving in the past, you zimi. Mek me almost do some crazy tings! 🙂

I guess I like that look, you know. Miss Tanzania looks good in her face, sah! Unfortunately, judging from the swimsuit shots I saw (see below), she could use plenty yam, banana, dasheen and some other ground provisions. Cho! If she had a body like Zahra’s or Miss Brazil’s or Miss Uruguay’s, she would be up there with the front runners. As it is, well, things look a bit rough for her. Ah jus’ so the ting set up.

Incidentally, both these ladies represent “firsts” for the Miss Universe competition. Zahra is the first rastafarian to take part in the Miss Universe and Flaviana is the first Tanzanian to have ever taken part.

Without further ado, I give you my top fifteen, in alphabatical order.

  • Angola
  • Australia
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • Columbia
  • Costa Rica
  • Finland
  • India
  • Jamaica
  • Kazakstan
  • Paraguay
  • Philippines
  • Serbia
  • Tanzania
  • Thailand

Of course, these are just my top fifteen, I can’t say whether the real judges will agree with me, and who knows if the judges will be as qualified as I am to render judgement on something so complex as a beauty pageant, nuh true? They may not have any use as judges at all.

Anyway, so that you can form your own opinion, I give you the face shots at Global Beauties and the swimwear shots at Global Beauties. (The swimsuit shots are on several pages, look through the list that my link takes you to). You can go to the Miss Universe site for additional photos. Follow the link below to check out some pictures.

Miss Brazil

Miss Jamaica

Nice body. She reminds me of someone too…

Miss Tanzania

Miss Tanzania again, see what I mean? Yam necessary.


13 Responses to “The Dread and the Baldhead”

  1. Love Miss Tanzania..she has a beautiful face but tooo skinny

  2. I agree with Kami, beautiful face but too skinny! And I’m definately not liking the ball head! Miss Ras Ja look good too, nice strong ital body!

  3. miss jamaica chicks barely move me most the times.. cause they aint got no thickness going on.. I liked one of em for boobs, one of em for shape.. but there’s rarely ass in that competition.

    as for the baldy.. she’s definatly beautiful but.. grow some hair.. at least a little :s

  4. I don’t mind girls with a low hair cut but to bald it off completely? how about no.

    Her body is tiny and her head is big and round like a ball as Stunner said lol. My head is big and bald.. imagine what our kids would look like.. 😦

    Miss Jamaica farm can plow though.. no complaints here 😀

  5. Miss T is gorgeous and ever so brave to go hairless to a beauty pagent….All these girls need to eat….just to make me feel better.

  6. Zahra rocks. For real.
    you should blog about why it is men only like long hair girls. KISS TEET!

  7. Miss Tanzania is goooooorgeous. OMG, I did a triple take…

    And as one who started the baldhead trend at my alma mater, is not everybody can pull off that look, so kudos to her.

  8. bull check if your blog spam ma comment cause i commented earlier yesterday

  9. Campfyah Says:

    How interesting a bald-head beauty queen, It will be interesting to see how she rates in the competition..she pretty doh. I never realized dat Ms Jamacia dreads did so long..she look nice in trute…black girls giving dem whities and latinos a run fuh dem looks. Way to go.. but wha happen tuh Ms Barbados???

  10. Ms. Antigua looks good too….the head shots of Zhara doesnt do her justice!…I was one who wondered about the religious factor of a rastafarian being involved in a beaty contest…but i hope she kiss some ass!!….I for one have just joined the world of short hair! and i am loving every minitue of it! GO Tanzania!

  11. That should be KICKS some ass not kiss……..that would take on a whole new meaning 🙂

  12. dreads


  13. baldisbelle Says:

    miss tanzania is GORGEOUS. she makes me wanna go bald!

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