This Weekend In Cayman

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This weekend, there are lots of things going on here in Grand Cayman. First of all, there is a concert on Friday night featuring Mario, and also Gyptian from Jamaica. I think Mario has one or two good songs and so does Gyptian. Maybe that will be good. Unfortunately for the promoters of that event, the other “big ting” on Friday night is Byron Lee and the Dragonnaires, along with Iwer George (or maybe we should call him “Mr. Mashing up Fete”! šŸ˜‰ I can’t believe I couldn’t easily find a website for Iwer. Trini bloggers, one of you research him and put sup’m up at Wikipedia nuh? For one of your most well known artistes, its shocking and scandalous that no page nuh dedicate to the man yet!) .

Byron touches down in the Cayman Islands once per year and I understand that the fete he puts on is usually excellent. I wouldn’t know personally, because since I have been here, I have never been able to attend this fete. Some blasted thing has always popped up to mess up my plans to attend, and this year is no exception, as Natty doesn’t return from “foreign” (the U.S.A.) until after Friday.

Anyway, I think it likely that Byron Lee will run off Mario and Gyptian, though I have been wrong before. I will let you know who wins the battle for attendance when I hear the word from “outta street” (the grapevine).

The most that is likely to happen for me on Friday is that I will hit up a couple of bars for and after work cocktail. They have a place where I can leave MBJr. until about 10:00pm, he will be able to play with other kids and so on and I believe his best friend from school will be there too, so he will have fun. All I have to do is imbibe responsibly, but one can still have fun when one is imbibing responsibly, can’t one? So the powers that be want us to think anyway.

On Saturday, the Cayman Batabano Carnival will culminate with its annual road march. I am not even sure I am going, after all, I have seen so many road marches before, and they are all the same except for the music, and the music can be heard blaring on the radio, so why should I go and stand up on the street in the hot Cayman sunshine? Plus, if I really want to look pon hot girls in carnival costumes, I only have to sit in the comfort of my own home and go to this site on the ‘Net! If I am going to go bake in the sun, better I go to the beach, no true? I mean, its not like we are going to see ladies parading in carnival costumes like the one above, are we? Are we? Tell me, you know! If you know that we are going to have women out on the street dressed as revealingly as that, well, I man have to go check it out!

But really, I sort of doubt that we are going to see anything as interesting as that. Anyway, I gone. I need to drink some coffee and its not going to brew itself, and even though you like to tell me how much you love me, I know you aren’t going to go and make it for me, so “Hasta la vista, baybee!” You have a good day, you hear. Peace.


6 Responses to “This Weekend In Cayman”

  1. Come on Bull, are you a Mad Bull, or a sleeping one, I’m sure youll make it to Byron this time. It was at one of those fetes that I met Mrs. RI, in 1995, in circumstances where I had attended the place with another gyal. Boy, now I am old.

  2. Respect, Mr. R.I. Right now I guess I am a sleeping bull, but watch out for me next weekend!

  3. she kinda look good, kinda plastic though šŸ˜¦

  4. So, I did go to a bar for an afterwork cocktail. I bucked up a coupla ladies I knew and we limed and chatted. I bought one a drink and one of the others asked me if I couldn’t buy her one too. She wasn’t even standing with me at the time, you know! She saw her friend getting a drink and she came across and begged me. Thats just too beggy-beggy for me, rasta! I mean, I did buy her the drink, but I’m going to stay far from her in future. Allow people to offer you something, man! If they don’t offer, go buy your own. Next time she tries to “tax” me, I’ll just tell her, “Sorry, I just, just run outta money, honey!”.
    MBJr. went to his place. His likkle bredrin didn’t end up going, but he found some other kids to lime with.
    No Byron Lee or Mario for me though. After the coupla drinks and the likkle liming, it was yard vibes for me.
    Yesterday, as predicted, I didn’t go to watch the Road March either. No, I went airport and picked up Natty instead! Yes, Rasta, Natty is back ah Yard! šŸ™‚

  5. there is nothing like a beg-beg oman, I have one, and what mek it worst a only me she prey pon šŸ˜¦

  6. MB .. I tried on that costume .. it looks better with the bra filled out! šŸ˜‰
    seriously tho… I blogged about that costume late last year . I didnt end up wearing it .. but it looked great on the road. Lara and friends were in that section.

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