It Sweet So Till!

Bwoy, I just ate the sweetest Jerk Pork I have ever had! Listen nuh man! Seymours Jerk Centre sells escoveitched fish, jerk pork, jerk chicken and jerked ribs too, I believe. Anyway, today I told the woman serving me to put the onions, pepper and the vinegar that they normally put on the fish on the jerked pork, plus the regular jerk pork pepper, plus the ketchup. MMMM MMMMM!!!!

Trust me, that pig tasted like it was prepared in God’s kitchen, Rasta! Yeah, I know that the bible says that you mustn’t eat pork, but thats just politics, man! I feel that was just a bit of a misinterpretation by the writer of the words God was dictating to him!

Listen me nuh, the pork sweet, it sweet, it sweet, it sweet! If you get a chance to try it, make sure you do! I know I am going back for more!


8 Responses to “It Sweet So Till!”

  1. Hey, I survived the morning after the jerk pork, you know! I was a bit worried that I would blast off in the morning, after all, having eated so much pepper, anything was possible! In fact, the waters were a bit more muddied than usual, but nothing to speak of, so I am giving that form of jerk pork my heartiest blessing! Go ye forth and try that stuff out, y’all!

  2. Thanks for the update, and making me hungry for pork at 10 am…

  3. me no inna di pork ting at all :X

  4. Jerk pork with vinegar??

  5. Just try de ting, Doc. I not so sure if is vinegar in Escovietched Fish, I am not a chef, but the clear liquid in which they have the onions and the pepper and which they douse the escovietched fish with, it wicked pon de jerk pork.

  6. ‘the clear liquid’ is vinegar in escov. fish, that just doh seem like the way to go with jerk pork to me…..

  7. Any time you are back in Ja a gonna show you the real jerk pork spots… damn now where did i put the car keys …pork is on my mind it is on my mind …BC%$#^ wey the damn **&^&* keys dem deh man cho… warra clothe

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