Yes, rude bwoys and girls! I bucked up an Sports Illustrated model who interested me more for another reason than that she appeared in Sports Illustrated in a bikini. She is Selita Ebanks and she hails from Grand Cayman! To the bredrin who once told me that there were no goodlooking girls in Cayman, I say, “You mad or wah?”. Prips Selena, rasta! Yes, I admit that she could do with some yam, some green banana, some roas’ breadfruit and other such ground provisions, but she noice same way!


4 Responses to “Selita”

  1. Yes Sah! Says:

    That is truly a fine looking woman! I wonder if she still resides in Cayman.

    I can’t believe that SI didn’t do anything about the maxipad in the picture. Uhg!

  2. far too skinny for my tastes, bring on the thick ness

  3. Yes Selena look nice! Shi stlii visit or live in Cayman? She can Illustrate Sports fi mi any day!

  4. I’m sure she still vists at least, Mr. Stunner.

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