Things that Happened over the Weekend

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The picture above is of a bunch of people celebrating someone’s birthday in Casanova’s Restaurant. I took the photo because I loved the decor in the restaurant. It is very pretty! The food is good too, and reasonably priced. Well… actually, it was taken at lunchtime. A lot of the restaurants here offer half priced meals (with less food) at lunchtime and they give you the regular sized meal, for the regular price in the evenings, so I can’t really say that the evening prices are good as well, but the lunchtime price is good, for the amount of food you get. Anyway, I digress. On to the things that happened over the weekend.

I did not eat any bun and cheese, can you imagine? Not even one slice of bun! I did buy a small bun today though, so I will probably eat a piece en la manana. If the truth is to be told, I just totally forgot all about bun and cheese… I didn’t go to the supermarket either, otherwise I would have seen it on display and bought it… I didn’t eat any fish on Good Friday either… I nyammed a N.Y. Strip steak instead. It was irie! I hope you enjoyed your fish!

I changed the themes on this blog and over at the Tower of Babel as well. Give them a look-see and tell me if you like them. The one over by the Tower was created by Sadish Bala. Its the second theme I am using that he created. The first on was Misty Look, currently in use at the Mad Bull’s Blog. Sadish is an artist! Respect Sadish! I’m not worthy… I gwine to send you a buck or two as well, rude bwoy!

I played lots of volleyball! It was irie, though I didn’t play well at all! I sucked, if I am to speak the truth. You see, the people I played with have been playing quite regularly (they’re in this league, you see) and so they have been getting training from this coach, and they have been playing lots… Trust me, compared to them, I reeked! I had a lot of fun though. I am going to buy a volleyball and start training up at home.

I went to the beach several times! It was irie! I missed seeing Tami Chynn in concert. It would have meant missing the volleyball. I saw a coupla good movies. Hmmm… you know, I think thats about it!

How did your weekend go?


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