Mavado Mad for Murder and Mayhem

So oonoo ah watch Mavado? Bwoy, the yute have talent still, but him deh pon a one track supem! [shakes head] The man is fascinated with death and dying. Indeed, that is the name of this song. Anyway, the “gangsta fah life” sounds good pon dis one. Gwaan listen if you are up to it. I wonder if him can respond to prayer, eeeh? You think prayer could take Mavado offa di gun argument? I guess, because the Bible says faith can move mountains… only… I have been trying to move the Blue Mountain range over here to Cayman for weeks now and it nah work! Not even likkle ole Stony Hill me coulda lift up, so maybe my faith not strong enuff… oonoo bettah join een and help me lift Mavado up to God, seen?

In the meantime! Hey! Is pure music a play right across the Mad Bull blog family today… check them all out, zeen? Peace!


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