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Here is a picture I took from my hotel room window. Look at this tall building that is being built. I believe its an apartment building, otherwise why all the balconies? I had to bend to half my height to get the top of the building into the picture, and I was on the 9th floor! I am sure there are somewhere in the region of 50 floors there.

While I wouldn’t want to live or work fifty floors up myself, I like the idea of having sky scrapers on some of our Caribbean islands. After all, sky scrapers are all about not wasting the precious land resources and where would need to utilise land more efficiently than our tiny Caribbean nation-states?

At the same time, many, many people in the islands are against the idea of having sky scrapers. I am not so sure exactly why this is, I guess they feel it will wreck the laid back, island vibe. Are you from the islands? Whats your take on this?


10 Responses to “The View From Hotel Room”

  1. There is also the fear of natural disasters MB. Since most of our islands are in earthquake zones or in volcanic regions it’s better not to go too high.

  2. The Dutch Pot Says:

    Well I would be for it – if not for the state of traffic already!! When there is such urbanisation, there must be an accompanying effective plan to support the saturation of natural resources and population. Improvements will have to be made to: Water systems, electricity systems, roads – we would need flyovers and all them sort a ting deh. More schools, more jobs. So – is not just a simple thing. When urbanisation takes place, is a whole heap ting affi shake up. So on an infrastructural level, we have a long way to go.

  3. as long as they built well and can withstand a nice hurricane i aint have a problem with them

  4. Personally I like skyscrapers. Why should America, Europe and Asia have them alone? I think some Caribbean people are intimidated by the length.

  5. I love em! Have you seen the big buildings going up in Port of Spain Trinidad?
    I think the tallest is about 35 stories.. but they look HUGE in comparison to the little traditional houses.
    The big problem is earthquakes and an inconsistent power supply.. who wants to be stuck on the 50th floor during an unscheduled JPS ‘load-shedding’???

  6. The Dutch Pot Says:

    “intimidtaed by the length”….ermmmmmm. Reminds me of a post I need to write. LOL

  7. Skyscrapers are an abomination! I don’t believe that, as you say, “sky scrapers are all about not wasting the precious land resources”. I believe that their sole purpose is for developers to extract the maximum amount of money possible from an already too small plot of land. The result, overcrowding, lack of parking, strain on the infrastructure, the list goes on and on. Others have already mentioned natural disasters which are all too common in the Caribbean. Were you in Cayman for Ivan? No sah!

    But, the next big issue is that skyscrapers are ugly and destroy the skyline. Look at Cayman recently, specifically Seven Mile Beach and West Bay Road. Time was that you couldn’t build anything taller than three stories, then four, then five… Now you can’t even see the beach thanks to the likes of eye sores like the Ritz Carlton. It’s terrible! Take a look at it from the little public beach, past the fourway stop by Centenial Towers in West Bay. Bah! And now Caymana Bay is building up too. Cho man! What part of that looks nice? And there is still plenty of space for development in Cayman. There is a hell of a lot more to tiny Grand Cayman than the Seven Mile strip! The whole middle of the island is barren.

    While places like Trinidad have oil, most other Caribbean islands have little or nothing to offer in the form of exports. They need the tourist dollar! But, what draws the tourist in? It is the different look and feel of the Caribbean. It is the sea and the locals and the local architecture and so forth that draws them. If the Caribbean gets built up with skyscrapers what differentiates it from all the big cities of the world that the tourists come from? Why should the tourists come if it all looks the same, just hotter and more inconvenient? Why would anyone in Miami visit Cayman or Jamaica if it looked the same as Miami?

    I don’t like skyscrapers, especially in the Caribbean.

  8. I’m all for the skyscrapers if they are within the commercial districts. But somehow, going 50flrs and above just takes away from the island vibes. I say 20fls should be the cutoff.

  9. Spice, worst yet, imagine being in an elevator in the middle of a load shedding. Not cool at all.

  10. when midas and i lived in vancouver, bc we lived on the 18th floor of a 26 story building. the view was absolutely amazing – i remember arriving at night and when i woke up my very first morning to the view, i was speechless. the problem with it is that i – being such a proud coward – am afraid of heights!!! at the time i was a smoker and midas wasn’t, so i had to smoke outside. so there i was, each time i wanted a smoke, scrunched up against the balcony door so that i was as far away from the balcony edge as possible – not a very pleasnat memory! 🙂 Also, the building we lived in went through a period of frequent (and i do mean frequent) false fire alalrms. imagine getting up 2 0r 3 times in a night to run down 18 flights of stairs becuase of the blaring alarm, standing around outside in the freezing cold in your jammies and a quickly thrown on coat, waiting for the fire dept. to arrive, rush in, search and come out to tell you it was ANOTHER false alarm!!! Not fun… midas, however, being santa’s evil twin as mbjr. would say, loved it. there he’d sit, the very model or moral and ethical behaviour, and stand in the living room and toss eggs out the door and watch as they’d smash on the windscreen of some unsuspecting, half-awake schmuck on their way to work in the morning as they sat at the traffic light our building was at the intersection of – trust me – therapy is not sufficient for me… 🙂

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