Nicely Posed

Nicely posed... ladies loving being up inna de videolightNow here is a nicely posed picture of some women out on the town. As you can see, I didn’t take the picture, but I liked it, thought I would share it. What a way women at sessions love to pose up for the cameras nowadays, eh? Dem love the videolight thing, rasta!

Went out last night… went to Royal Palms first, a consultant had come to the end of her time at the bank and they were having a drink up there… it was nice, interesting chatter, liquor, food, then eventually a live band played… nice likkle vibe.

Left there and went to this bar at the top of “Dump Road”. Thats actually not the name of the road, but it is the road that leads to the dump and thats what everyone calls it. That was interesting, mainly because people were dancing and having a good time. Bucked up some people who worked in the Funds Department at the last bank I work for. Also saw Ri of Revolution Island, and thats the first time I have seen him out in centuries! Chatted to them for a bit.

Got into an interesting discussion with a very passionate lady of Greek-American background on the topic of cheating and men being dogs… you see, she saw this guy she knows in the bar with a group of people and he was dancing and wining up on a couple of girls in the group, but especially on one of them, I guess. These two girls had been doing some very suggestive dancing with this guy (and with others in the group, mind you). The Greek-American lady knows that the girl he was dancing with the most is not his girlfriend, but based upon how they were dancing, she assumed that he and the girl have been getting it on.

I was trying to tell her that this supposition of hers may be all wrong but she just was not having it! In the end, I guess its a cultural difference. Not because you wine up with somebody on the dancefloor, that doesn’t mean that you are sleeping with them!

Somebody must have messed this lady up bad though, bwoy, she kept getting bringle (angry/shouting/agitated) whenever she was trying to make a point, voice raise up, hand gestures, the whole nine yards! She was quite entertaining. At times, she even had me ah dead with laugh!

When the Funds crew flashed to go to District 6 (a niteclub), I headed to Country (a bar on the route home), but that was pretty boring. Eventually I decided to go and nyam some jerk pork (yeah, at that hour! I know, thats just wrong! I did that last Saturday too! I’m outta control! 😦 ) then went home.

Whats left over this weekend? Well, today I am supposed to go help a bredrin load some software on to a server (the same work I was to do last weekend). I am not really feeling the vibe but I told him I would come in so I guess thats what I am going to do. I just hope the damned software installs without hitches and right quickly too! Then there is talk of a barbeque on the beach on Sunday, though I am not sure if thats really going to come off… We’ll see. Apart from that, I have season three of “24” to watch so its not like I am short of things to do… I shouldn’t get bored this weekend, thats for sure! 🙂

So what are you guys up to this weekend?

By the way, World Cup Cricket starts tomorrow! If you are interested in cricket, here is a link to a blog on cricket. The site has some info on the World Cup up too. Check it out.

Anyway, me gone for now… going to chat to Natty… inna de hours. (Talk to you later)


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