New statue in Heroes Square

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I noticed there is a new statue up in Heroes Square. Its called “Tradition”, but I didn’t stop to read the inscription to see what its all about. On a glance, I am guessing that it is commemorating the Caymanian seafarers of the past. Over the years, the sea has always played a big part in the lives of Caymanians, indeed, many Caymanian men made their living by becoming sailors, fishermen, sea captains (like my Grandfather 🙂 ) and things of that nature. I think I will try to stop and take a picture of the inscription today and tell you if I am right. Look out for an update to this post later…

So, today is Friday yet again… sweet. Tonight is the Richie Stephens/Gregory Isaacs/Da’Ville concert. That should be good. I will try to take some pictures for you all. 🙂

Not sure what else a gwaan. I guess I should try to chill out as much as possible to fight off this flu business thats has been riding me. Sunday is my wedding anniversary too, the twelvth one in fact. Time has sure flown, because it certainly doesn’t feel like twelve years… 🙂

By the way, for some time now Abeni has been posting pictures that depict something to do with love on Thursdays and she has been calling those posts “Love Thursdays”. I notice that she didn’t do it this Thursday and I finally came across a picture which I thought fit that bill and I have posted it up yahso. Gwaan go check it out, nuh man? Lets see how long I can carry the baton before I have to pass it on to one of oonoo… 🙂


4 Responses to “Tradition”

  1. that guy looks like he’s holding a camcorder! your ancestors were well technically advanced!

  2. Actually thats a tool for navigation, Owen. I forget what its called now though….

  3. Hail MB! Seems you’re getting better and better everyday with the photography. I’m still taking a lot of photos just not getting around to posting them. Keep the photos going. And HAPPY 12TH ANNIVERSARY to you and the wife!

  4. Thanks, Mr. Stunner. 🙂

    Its really the camera, not me.

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