Rebecca’s Cave

Some kids having fun in Rebecca's Cave
Some kids having fun in Rebecca’s Cave

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So here is another cave picture. This picture was taken in Cayman Brac, at a cave called “Rebecca’s Cave. This one is a shot from behind of some kids staring into the inky blackness of the further recesses of the cave. The flashlights and the sunlight that came from some of the opening in the roof could not penetrate back here. Actually, the only reason you are able to see much is because of the camera’s flash! One kid was challenging the others to go off with him into this little cavern and prove that they were brave. Once he got them in there he would scream or shout and try to frighten them. Wicked little goblin, wasn’t he? šŸ™‚

So yeah, why do they call this cave “Rebecca’s Cave”? Well, the cave was originally called “Bat Hole”, apparently, and we DID see a bat fly out when the kids shrieking frightened it out. It was eventually renamed “Rebecca’s Cave” after the big hurricane of 1932. It is named after a small girl, Rebecca, who fled with her family from the hurricane.

The hurricane of 1932 is a dark chapter in the history of Cayman. The destruction was enormous. People hid in the numerous caves on the islands, and Bat Hole was one of them. After two days, when the storm calmed down, the people went out to check the damage, and then the storm came back from the west. The people didn’t expect this, so they were surprised by the storm.

A group of people, who tried to reach the security of the cave, was fighting their way through the darkness and the waves. Rebecca was only 17 months old, and she was carried by her mother. When the mother was hit by a wave she lost the baby and she floated away, but she was rescued by someone in the group. Finally, when they reached the cave, the little girl died from the injuries she got in the storm. She was buried in the cave and the cave renamed Rebecca’s Cave.

We actually saw Rebecca’s grave and I was going to take a photo of it, but Natty said she got a vibe that we weren’t to do that, that little Rebecca wouldn’t be pleased by that. Despite the fact that I believed that little Rebecca was long gone from Earth by this time and that where she was now, she really wouldn’t give a hoot whether we took a picture of her grave or not, I bowed to Natty’s wishes.

Can you imagine that though? Being in a really strong hurricane and having to take shelter in the cold, wet, exceedingly dark recesses of these caves? I bet a lot of bugs, reptiles and such take shelter there too! Ugh! That is some scary ish, man!


3 Responses to “Rebecca’s Cave”

  1. Ohhhh, that’s so sad about little Rebecca. But if it was me as the mom, I’d probably be dead too. If not from the hurricane, then certainly from fright. Being in some dark, cold hole during a storm with insects and shit I don’t know could be there…sure enuff..that woulda kill me.

  2. I know you mean well, but that is my great aunt whom you are talking about. My Grandfather is Linton Tibbetts. PLease have a little more respect. Many people were lost in that dreadful hurricane.

    I know you are not being venomous but please try to think of tact and of others feelings.

    Rebeccas cave means a whole lot to us and we hope it lives on in many a persons memory.

    Let us not forget the strength that God has.

    Best regards

  3. Hi Joanna T.

    You are right, I was not trying to be venomous. Far from it. It is more a matter of belief actually.

    You see, I believe that when people die, they go to someplace better than here where they are not too troubled by the little things that we who remain here think are important. Thats all there is to what I was saying. I really don’t think she would care if I took the photo now because the cares of the earth are most likely not a major priority for her right now. Thats all I was saying.
    Natty, she has a somewhat different view, she feels the presence of people’s spirits here on earth, and she senses things and so on, and since she didn’t want me to take the picture, I didn’t, even though I believe what I believe.

    In fact, we didn’t realise that there was a grave in that cave at all, until we went in, but Natty said that she felt like we were intruding into somewhere we shouldn’t be going even before she realised the grave was there, which is something interesting in itself…

    Sorry if what I said offended you still. Hopefully now that I have explained myself, you don’t think I was being rude anymore.

    Feel free to pass back through the blog, comment on anything, I welcome the interaction. Also, there are two other blogs to check out, see the links on the right, under the heading, “Sites By Mad Bull”.


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