Beenie and Bounty

This is a test. You see, I have wanted to put videos on this site before, but they never used to work. Well, I have heard of a way to do this now. Unfortunately it seems to only be for selected videos, namely those hosted by Youtube and a couple of other websites. It doesn’t seem to work for the rest of them.

Woiii!! It work to rahtid! Sweet!


3 Responses to “Beenie and Bounty”

  1. I love Bounty’s voice; it so deep and mascaline. Beenie is great on stage.

  2. Wicked! Beenie is such a lyricist! Wow. I’m tired of the cass-cass though. I just fear that they both are going to go like Tupac and Biggie, they’re both as talented as those two, wish they’d just stop the nonsense already.

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