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Hey there… the coffee is on…. I am here… you are here… cho… We might as well we have a little chat while we wait to get a cup, nuh true?

Hey, I had said that I was going to be doing a little project where I posted a photo a day for 365 days, but I have gone off track already and it hasn’t been even two weeks yet! As Owen suggested in a comment, projects like that will mad you, and like how is Mad Bull me name, I don’t need to get any more mad than I am already! 😐

I think that I am going to modify the rules of this project. I will still be posting 365 photos. They will still all be taken by me, or taken of me, or taken with my camera. They will not necessarily be taken every day however. Thats just crazy! I don’t know how I thought I could manage that when I started! Maybe that will work, what do you think? Lets run with that for a while and see how it goes, seen?

So, lets talk about this picture. Its a picture of one of the many banks on the island. I have heard how many banks there are, but the figure escapes me now. It was over 500 though, I believe. Anyway, this is one of the bigger banks and it also does commercial banking. Most of the banks here don’t do commercial banking. No, I am not going to bore you with a lot of banking information. No, that is not the bank where I work. No, its not the bank where I have my mortgage. I bet you’re wondering why I have a picture of this bank up then, right?

Well, its because of the photo project. That is the only reason! That is why I am going to change the terms of the project. Sometimes you just don’t have an interesting picture available to post, or if you do have an interesting picture (as I do) you just aren’t ready to post it yet! See what I mean?

There are still a couple of interesting things to discuss about the picture, even though its so random. This picture was taken with my new camera, and it was taken through the windscreen of my car. I was sitting in traffic on my way to work and I was borderline-late so you know that the traffic was frustrating the ra$$ out of me. That picture is taken at a spot that is very near to where I work, and that is just up the road from another picture I posted recently. See! I can find something interesting in this picture…

Here are a few more things about the picture…. Do you notice that crane there in front of the bank? Yeah, there is a construction project going on. Hell, there are construction projects going on everywhere in Grand Cayman! These cranes are everywhere! Hell, when I go out riding on jetskis, they marked the area I was to ride within using cranes! The guy said, “You are to ride out beyond that green buoy. Stay out there so as to avoid swimmers. You are not to go further from the shore than that white buoy, and you can go down the beach to the left until you are about in line with that crane. Looking down the beach to the right, you can ride as far as those buildings with the blue roofs. No, not that second set down by that crane, the first set, ok? All right, you’re all set. Lets go get you on a jetski.”. Here, if you click on this link, you will see the second crane the jetski guy was referring to in the background of the picture in that post… Yeah, there are cranes everywhere.

Another interesting feature of the picture – Isn’t the sky beautiful in that picture? As you can see by the water on the road, it had rained the night before, I don’t know if that is why, but the sky was just a particularly beautiful shade of blue that morning. That was definitely one of those days where you wish you were going to the beach instead of work.

Another thing I found interesting was the lightpole… in reality, that lightpole sticks straight up in the air, but in the picture it looks like it is bent. I have noticed things like that in many of my pictures. Why the hell does that happen? I suppose this is one of those things that I would know the answer to if I had done high school physics past third form. There is so much interesting shit you learn in physics… over the years I have come to realise this. Its just a pity that I didn’t know this back when I was choosing my subjects back in third form! People, if you are in the position to advise kids who are choosing subjects in high school, tell them not to drop physics.

About the final interesting thing I can see in the picture is that little house down there to the righthand side of the picture. This house is interesting. My guess is that it has been there for ages. It was probably there from when George Town was much less developed. Its owner hung tough when the companies were buying up land in George Town and voila, thaere you have it. One little house in the middle of the business district. Something else thats interesting about the house is its colour scheme. Look, pink, grey and blue. Yeah, you have to look really closely. I should probably have made the picture bigger, but when I sized it, the picture wouldn’t fit on the page. Anyway, thats almost the same as the colour scheme that the Tower of Babel had before I cut it over to WordPress. Here, you can go have a look at the old design and then come back here and look at the picture. Almost the same, see? My blue is a different shade, but other than that, they are very similar. An anonymous commenter was taking me to task recently over that colour scheme, but it seems I am not the only person who likes it. Nyah nyah nyah nyah nyahhhhhhh, Mr. Anonymous Commenter! 😀

Did you notice that I have changed the theme of this blog again? I decided to change it specifically to facilitate the photo project, actually. I have been finding that I had to resize all my photos down too small for my liking in order for them to fit into the previous theme, so I searched around for another theme which gave the blog post area more width. That is also why I moved the Tower to the theme that it uses, for the width so that I can display bigger pictures. I think that a picture is really worth a thousand words, don’t you? Of course, the way I have been running on at the mouth, you probably would never suspect that I felt that way, would you? 🙂

One more thing…. WordPress 2.1 is out. I have upgraded to Version 2.1 at The Mad Bull’s Blog and I plan to upgrade the Tower’s software next weekend. I will tell you all a bit about the fun new features… when I spot them!

So many changes I have discussed in this one blog entry… the blog’s theme, the changes in George Town as it became more built up, the change in the WordPress software and the changes in the rules of the photo project. I think I will call this post “Changes”. It seems to fit.

By the way, when we started this little chat, we did say it would be a “chat”, didnt we? Well so far I have been doing all the talking and I don’t think thats fair, do you? I mean, I just know that you have been dying to get a word in edgewise. Come on, your turn. Say something… please? Pretty please? Pretty please, with sugar on it?


3 Responses to “Changes”

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  2. Dr. Linguist Says:

    Perhaps a dose of Kaopectate would help. It seems that you have developed a case of Diarrhea of the keyboard. 🙂

    Enjoyed the photo just the same. It’s funny how the different perspectives come out when two people look at the same thing.

  3. Mighty Afroditee Says:

    Have always loved the Old Caymanian House sitting smac dab in the centre of town under RBC’s nose. A prime piece of real estate now. Love the sand yard, and it is always neat and well kept…

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