Christmas Spirit


a very small view of the Christmas lights @ the Crichtons yard
Christmas Decorations @ the Crichtons

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Hey! What a gwaan? This is a picture of a small part of the Crichton’s garden all festooned in lights for the Christmas. Thye must really have Christmas spirit, bwoy. Trust me, there are so many lights, all over the garden that they have to hire a bucket truck and many people to string them up! God knows why they go to the trouble… and then they allow the public in to look around at the display?! Interesting…

I have some more of these, maybe I will give you a couple more… not today though! 🙂

If you guessed that I didn’t make it to the Jetski race today, you would be right! Why didn’t I go? Cho… The sun was too hot for me, y’hear! Plus, I just wasn’t feeling the vibe. I did take the little one out to ride jetskis yesterday though! I took him to the Hyatt hotel here on Grand Cayman. We rented a jetski there for half an hour. I let MBJr. steer and give the jetski the gas yesterday… it was his first time! He did okay, though he was a bit light on the press still!

I mentioned this to Natty when I got home and do you know what she said? “Don’t worry. If you keep it up, by the time he is fourteen, MBJr. will probablay be racing in the East End Surf Challenge himself instead of just being a spectator. She might just be right! For sure, I won’t miss out on going to watch the races then! 😀

We’ll just have to see though, won’t we?

By the way, M’Buthelezi came along with me to the Hyatt and I bought us both a pina colada… You done know I was shocked to hear my bill was $20 and some change! Basically, thats CI$10 for a single pina colada! I do believe those where the most expensive drinks I have ever bought! They are not too bad if you are renting jetskis, but don’t go there to have a drink, seen! 😐


3 Responses to “Christmas Spirit”

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  2. nice blog my yute or should i say bredrin…lol

  3. Am I to infer from your comment that you are known to me? Just checking.

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