For “Evo” Fans Everywhere!


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The Mitsubishi Evolution X Prototype

Here is some required reading on the Evo Prototype X that I came across in today’s Jamaica Gleaner… Here is some more verbiage and also some irie pictures of the car. I guess I need to start putting all my quarters into my piggy bank instead of into that stinking vending machine at work, huh? Also, I probably need to brown bag it more, nuh true? šŸ˜

At least I have until 2008 to get my funds together. Yes, I am accepting charitable donations!

By the way, I happened to see the movie “Transporter 2” yesterday, on HBO, I think… What a show lie, eeeh? Still, it was damned exciting anyway! Owen bigged it up a while aback but I didn’t get to see it then. Well, yesterday I was around to a bredrin’s house for a brief stop. I was returning a pickaxe I had borrowed (to sink the pole for this satellite dish that I just bought), and I was also asking him to drop by my house to help me align the dish. He flipped on to the movie and that was it! I stayed and watched the whole thing! Good show! If you haven’t seen it, try to scout it out….


2 Responses to “For “Evo” Fans Everywhere!”

  1. yup, the lies part about is that fighting in the plane scene, ant the scene with the bomb on the car, and the scene when they jump across the buildings and oh, well the whole at lie but stanton a di boss!

  2. Yup. Great show… I think the bomb-on-the-car scene was the most unbelieveable, but whatevah!

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