Steel Pan Pon Truck Back

Picture of high school steel band on truckback.

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Here is a familiar sight here in the Caribbean! This is a picture of the Cayman Prep High School’s steel band working out on a truck back during the recent Pirates Week float parade. What with Carnival coming up, we will have PLENTY of opportunities to observe scenes like this. This is day three of the project.

Well, its Wednesday, 17th of January, 2007. This day newly dawned brings us closer to many things, both expected and unexpected. A couple of the things I am looking forward to with high anticipation are PAYDAY (January certainly is “Ben Johnson” month!) and a letter from my workplace telling me that I have completed my probation! When both my letter and my cheque are in my hands, I will be a happy man!

Unfortunately happiness is so transient… once I have those, I will probably immediately set my eyes on some new goal and will be in a state of flux until that goal’s distant horizons are reached. We humans are so hard to please, aren’t we. šŸ˜

Now Listening to : “What it All Comes Down to” by Alanis Morrisette…


4 Responses to “Steel Pan Pon Truck Back”

  1. Mighty Afroditee Says:

    …and the audit continues.

  2. Would be so nice if every kid could get involved in constructive activities like band music. Your new-hire probation almost over a’ready, CD’s maternity leave almost up a’ready — even from a blog perspective, ’07 is flying at a speed.

  3. @ Mel : well, I have been working there from October, and believe me, I have worked everyday of it, so its not like time is flying any more than normal to me.

    @ Afro : Thanks for dropping by.

  4. […] Now here is an interesting sign! I don’t believe I have seen one like this before, have you? Actually, there is a home for the elderly just around the corner from where this sign is. I guess they take the old folk out for walks and it is better to be safe than sorry. This is Day 4. &lt= Previous Pic […]

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