Accident exacerbates the evening traffic...
Accident exacerbates the evening traffic…

Hi all! Here is a familiar scene. You have a little crash here in Grand Cayman and the emergency response people are everywhere, and traffic is snarled, and you sit and sit and sit, and you creep and creep and creep. 😐

Do you know that this was not a major, major accident! I am sure that no one died, or was pinned in a vehicle or anything… yet look at the number of emergency vehicles that responded! Not that I am knocking it. Its just that I was not accustomed to such a prepared-for-anything response.

In Jamaica, you are lucky if you get one police car. Sometimes a wrecker comes to tow away the car, and that probably depends on which cop responds to the scene, because some of the cops own wrecker companies and they will force you to tow away the car to put a little money into their pockets… After all, you think that they are going to call a wrecker belonging to a competitor? No effing way!

But ambulances? Fire trucks? Multiple cop cars? No sah! Doesn’t happen!People haffi dead for ambulances to show up, and I have never seen a fire truck.

The traffic does flow more smoothly at the scene of an accident in Jamaica though… πŸ™‚
Yeah! I can usually find a bright side in everything. πŸ™‚


4 Responses to “Accident!”

  1. Gela Words Says:

    Advantages and disadvantages to everything eh? I can understand how this could be a nuisance but I think Cayman has it right. I’m sure there are situations here in Ja where peeps could have been saved if emergency service was on the spot earlier.

  2. Traffic does flow more smoothly there in such events, but especially if yu can dodge de pothole dem (which might actually be de cause o’ many mishaps) …

  3. Ahh, traffic jam due to a wreck. I guess I would rather the overkill with too many emergency vehicles if I were in the wreck. However, if I was trying to get somewhere…less is my preference, especially if there weren’t any injuries.

    But here in Atlanta, traffic is always an issue; so knowing alternate routes is a must. Of course, I am usually beyond an exit when I find out about the problem. LOL

  4. I would much rather have them on the scene and don’t need them rather than need them and not have them around.

    Accidents in Jamaica always seem to attract a big crowd though, people appear out of nowhere πŸ™‚

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